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Plug Bug: AC vs DC

I initially was going to use a DC motor, but now I’m leaning towards AC. This website has a lot of great information on AC vs DC: Those are all good points, but I’ll add some more I found: * Regenerative braking. I have quite a few hills by my house and I want this benefit. * Better motor efficiency The Warp 9 (what I was considering using) has this performance graph: In general, never better than 80% efficient. Better efficiency is better range! Consider the AC-50 motor from Thunderstruck Motors. It has up to 94% efficiency and it... [read more]

Plug Bug: EV AC Drive Motor / Controller Selection

My primary choices for an AC motor Update: I’m now back to considering a DC system, since the affordable AC systems (Azure Dynamics AC24LS and HPEV’s AC50) are underpowered for Highway 17 (5% grade, average). I strongly considered the EVE  AC40, but I am not experience enough with home built EVs to be the first in America to try it out (that I’m aware of). Created: April 29, 2010 (this page will be updated as I figure things out). Last updated: Oct 7, 2010 * MES-DEA (Now called Cebi) sold through Metric Mind in the US or EVE (from Italy).... [read more]

Photography: Purple Wildflower

Plug Bug: Engine removed

I removed the engine a week or two ago. It wasn’t too hard! I’m still doing a lot of research on what motors and batteries I’m going to buy. Expect a summary at some point in the future….

Upstairs Railing

I’ve been working on a railing for the upstairs part of my house that opens up into the main a-frame. Here’s the general process on how I made it. First off, I did several designs and sketches in Sketchup to get a feel for what I wanted. A lot of the basic layout and sizes could be tested out in the program to get a good feel for what it would look like: The picture above doesn’t have the curves in it, but that was going to be the hardest part. I had to figure out how to bend them.... [read more]

Photography: Pincushions and Unis

Photography: Coker in the Grass

Rob’s Ride.

We did one of our favorite ride’s today, “Rob’s Ride”, with the famous Rob, Ken, Louise and myself. I dragged my camera around and took a few pictures. Route: iMapMyRide: Apr 18, 2010 1:37 PM<

Plug Bug: Step 1, Research

I’m now learning as much as I can about electric cars and how to convert my bug. I’m going to document my process so others can benefit from the research that I do. So far, the best site for information is: I’ve been learning a ton, and did an initial post on the forums introducing myself. The first step is for me to brush up on electricity. I’ve been re-reading my physics book, but their basic 101 is a great intro: I’ve also been collecting some websites and conversions that I find interesting. 1. The “Elec Bug” by Travis... [read more]

Electric Bug

The Electric Bug Project (The Plug Bug) My next project has started! I’m planning on converting a 1969 VW bug to run on electricity. I have been wanting to do this for quite some time and originally I was looking for a VW bus to convert, However, I eventually decided to not use a bus, since they aren’t very aerodynamic, and are quite hard to find in good shape for a decent price. I found a great bug on craigslist that I’m quite happy with. I bought it last Saturday from a wonderful man named Ed, who lives in San... [read more]

Fireplace Mantel

Our house in Aptos needed a new fireplace mantel. The prior owner had taken out the mantel and insert, so I needed something that looked nice. There was a huge area that needed to be surrounded by something, and I couldn’t just paint it in, as the paint would be really hard to match. Here’s a “before” picture taken with my iPhone: After taking some dimensions, I whipped out Sketchup and did some work with various designs that I liked and came up with this: I constructed the mantel out of two sandwich bread pieces of 3/4 MDF, with some... [read more]

Fruit Trees

The yard at Project Hutchinson now has a small orchard. The lumber store over in Santa Cruz was having a sale on fruit trees, so I went and grabbed a few. In front of the barn there is a Katy apricot tree, and two pear trees. Apparently there needs to be two pear trees to bear fruit. In front of the treehouse/platform is a tri-graft peach tree: I can’t wait to be eating some fresh fruit from our yard! I’ve since fenced in each of the trees; the deer are relentless in our area. Eventually I want to fence in... [read more]

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