Plug Bug: Step 1, Research

Electric Bug

I’m now learning as much as I can about electric cars and how to convert my bug. I’m going to document my process so others can benefit from the research that I do.

So far, the best site for information is:


I’ve been learning a ton, and did an initial post on the forums introducing myself. The first step is for me to brush up on electricity. I’ve been re-reading my physics book, but their basic 101 is a great intro:

I’ve also been collecting some websites and conversions that I find interesting.

1. The “Elec Bug” by Travis Tyler is a great conversion. EV Gearbox Magazine did a great writeup and interview with Travis. I emailed him and he is a great guy, and I’m sure I’ll be asking him a lot of questions.

2. The “Green Scene” ’75 electric bug. This site also has a lot of great info. They went with lead acid batteries; I’m going to stick with LithIon to get better range.

3. The “Volts – Wagen” – by Roy Mann.


So far what have I done to my bug? Not much, but something: I removed the gas tank. I’m almost 90% done with my upstairs railing, which I really want to complete before jumping into the bug.

Update: April 29, 2010

Some more projects that I like (mostly AC systems):

* Electrovolvo by Martijn Hendricks in the Netherlands (photo by him). He is using MES DEA motor, which I’m currently considering.

* “LivWise” 2009 Toyota Yaris by Stephen Taylor. Using an Azure Dynamics AC24 motor.

* 2001 Suzuki Swift “SwiftE” — this thing has nice range and uses an HPEVS AC50, which I’m potentially thinking about using. It’s comparable to the AC24 used above. Also see his build thread.

* 2009 Mini Cooper Clubman “MINI-ME” Uses an MES DEA 200-250 30kw continuous motor, which I’m also considering using (it is powerful!)  Also see them build it on This build looks totally sweet! But, they are really spending a fortune on it ($30-35k for the conversion, yikes!)

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Thanks for the link back Corbin :) Glad you liked the article.


Dave — YES! It was a great article, and I learned a lot from it. It will help be the basis for my research and my project.


Corbin, we just did that in physics last week!


Dude, can you set your outside links on this page to open in a new tab? Or can I?

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