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Project Hutchinson: Upstairs drywall and windows

I’ve been working quite a bit on our upstairs remodel project. I removed an old closet, and installed lighting in the ceiling. This helps tremendously with the look and feel of the room; it was... [read more]
Project Hutchinson

Wedding Boxes

I recently went to the weddings of a few of my friends. Last weekend Tom and Nancy had a “Wedding Camp” celebration, and two weeks ago Andy and Irene got married in their barn. Both... [read more]

At twin peaks


20 unis


San francisco uni ride

Right now! 40 miles


I got a new video game for the Mac – spore! I really wanted to give it a try last night, but my DVD drive stopped working on my MacBook Pro. Luckily, there are known... [read more]

Why the API? NSTableView -preparedCellAtColumn:row:

I think I’ll do a few articles on why certain API was introduced in Leopard. I’ll start with one of the new methods in NSTableView: /* Returns the fully prepared cell that the view will... [read more]
Apple, Cocoa, Coding

Installing windows again!

No not 3.1 or Xp.
Project Hutchinson

Good coffee in MN

Mmmm coffee!
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