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Project Hutchinson: Upstairs drywall and windows

I’ve been working quite a bit on our upstairs remodel project. I removed an old closet, and installed lighting in the ceiling. This helps tremendously with the look and feel of the room; it was always dark and shady, mainly because there was no built-in lighting. I also framed the wall in preparation for a door and drywall: I removed the old drywall on the side. I’m planning on building built-in dressers. The back window was a single half-triangle. It look completely out of place and asymmetric, and because the windows didn’t open, it would get really hot and stuffy... [read more]

Wedding Boxes

I recently went to the weddings of a few of my friends. Last weekend Tom and Nancy had a “Wedding Camp” celebration, and two weeks ago Andy and Irene got married in their barn. Both weddings were amazing, and Louise and I were very happy to be there with our friends. In the pursuit of avoiding standard gifts, I decided to employ my woodworking skills and make them some boxes out of “nice” wood. Here’s some pictures of the building process. I used cocobolo wood for the top; it is an exotic hardwood. I try to avoid exotic woods for... [read more]

At twin peaks

20 unis

San francisco uni ride

Right now! 40 miles


I got a new video game for the Mac – spore! I really wanted to give it a try last night, but my DVD drive stopped working on my MacBook Pro. Luckily, there are known hacks posted on the web for how to turn on the “Remote Disk” sharing that was added for the MacBook Air. This let me install it at working using one of the DVD drives on one of my other machines. I would have done it at home, but the two other Macs at home are still PPC running Tiger.

Why the API? NSTableView -preparedCellAtColumn:row:

I think I’ll do a few articles on why certain API was introduced in Leopard. I’ll start with one of the new methods in NSTableView: /* Returns the fully prepared cell that the view will normally use for drawing or any processing. The value for the cell will be correctly set, and the delegate method 'willDisplayCell:' will have be called. You can override this method to do any additional setting up of the cell that is required, or call it to retrieve a cell that will have its contents properly set for the particular column and row. */ - (NSCell... [read more]

Installing windows again!

No not 3.1 or Xp.

Good coffee in MN

Mmmm coffee!

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