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Unicycle ride log, entry 0 – Feb 28, 2008

Unicycle ride log, entry 0 Ride: Reservoir ride from Nathan’s house. Corbin, Louise, Eric, Nathan. Date: Feb 28, 2008 Time: 7:50? AM – 9 AM Riding Time: 1:02? (forgot the exact time) Distance: 12 miles Average Speed: 11.7 mph (riding, nonstop) Max speed: 23 mph Route: Nathan’s house, down Los Gatos, Los gatos creek trail paralleling freeway, around reservoir, and back to Nathan’s. Training ride for Vietnam.

Ocean front home for sale in Lahaina, Maui Hawaii

My dad is selling his house in hawaii: This is a rare chance to buy some ocean front property right in Lahaina town. Contact my dad via the link above, or contact me.

Nimbus 36 unicycle cable brake

I welded on a little bracket to the back of my big 36’er unicycle frame to allow me to mount a cable brake: The nimbus 36 frame that I use can run magura brakes, but I found I didn’t like them as much. They squeeked, and worse, they rubbed against the rim when going up steep hills. The cable brake has more clearance, and is also softer (which allows me to brake more often without worrying about it throwing me off the unicycle). A picture of my handlebar that I made with the brake: And the whole unicycle (before I... [read more]

Woodshop – Dust collection

I’ve been working on my “Woodshop” (aka: the garage) in preparation for some larger projects (in particular, kitchen cabinets). Jason Beaver, who works with me at Apple, clued me into how bad it is to breath wood dust. So, I ended up getting a dust collector. Here’s a picture of my current layout before I began work on the dust collector: Grinder stand: The dust collector — I purchased the Grizzly G1030 3 HP Dust Collector. I wanted something that could move a lot of air, and supported 6 inch ducting, which is better for moving fine dust away from... [read more]

French Treehouse

Some guys who made a cool treehouse in france emailed me a link to their site: The treehouse is great! They have a spiral staircase and a lift custom made out of steel: Makes me wish I had more time to work on my treehouse!

Kooza is in town!

Louise and I saw the new Cirque du Soleil show, Kooza, in San Jose last night. It was great! The show features a unicycle act; the most impressive part about that act was the fact that it is very difficult to unicycle with someone else holding on to you, and they were doing that while making it look very artistic and flowing. My favorite part was probably the clowns. They were pretty darn funny, and even made Louise laugh! We want to go see some of the other shows in Vegas. I’m hoping to make it a double-up trip... [read more]

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