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Unicycle ride log, entry 0 – Feb 28, 2008

Unicycle ride log, entry 0 Ride: Reservoir ride from Nathan’s house. Corbin, Louise, Eric, Nathan. Date: Feb 28, 2008 Time: 7:50? AM – 9 AM Riding Time: 1:02? (forgot the exact time) Distance: 12 miles... [read more]

Ocean front home for sale in Lahaina, Maui Hawaii

My dad is selling his house in hawaii: This is a rare chance to buy some ocean front property right in Lahaina town. Contact my dad via the link above, or contact me.

Nimbus 36 unicycle cable brake

I welded on a little bracket to the back of my big 36’er unicycle frame to allow me to mount a cable brake: The nimbus 36 frame that I use can run magura brakes, but... [read more]

Woodshop – Dust collection

I’ve been working on my “Woodshop” (aka: the garage) in preparation for some larger projects (in particular, kitchen cabinets). Jason Beaver, who works with me at Apple, clued me into how bad it is to... [read more]

French Treehouse

Some guys who made a cool treehouse in france emailed me a link to their site: The treehouse is great! They have a spiral staircase and a lift custom made out of steel: [read more]

Kooza is in town!

Louise and I saw the new Cirque du Soleil show, Kooza, in San Jose last night. It was great! The show features a unicycle act; the most impressive part about that act was the... [read more]
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