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Sister’s birthday

My sister, Brenna, had her 25th birthday yesterday. I got her a new Apple iPod Nano: (note that one is actually mine..)

Coker trials

Well..i really wish i could hop that high. But, I can balance up there for a short bit of time. This was on our Berkeley uni tour from a month or so ago.

ice cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

I’m an ice cream man for Halloween, complete with counter, several flavors of real ice cream, and cones. I gave a bunch of ice cream away at Jason’s party on Saturday night, and I hit up Cafe Macs at Apple today while at work. If you didn’t get some, and you work with me at Apple, you better come by my office! If you live in Santa Cruz, well I’ll be cruising downtown, so keep your eye out for me. I have a white shirt with red strips. And ice cream. Pictures to follow..sometime. Ellie was the picture person at... [read more]

Masquerade Ball and my ghetto mask

Last weekend, I went to a Masquerade Ball at the Alpine Butterfly Lodge. Anna took a loot of cool pictures. My mask was sooo ghetto! But oh well. next year I’ll do better.

i like dinosaurs

The coolest card I’ve ever had..

My sister sent me this great card in the mail: If you don’t know me, well, I really like monkeys. And, I like sock monkeys (i got my first one when i was one).

Stupid wired magazine….

Boy. I read an article on Wired about Absinthe and it really makes me want some! I guess I can buy some online, if I really want. I’ll probably just wait until I’m in Spain (at the end of November for about 8 days), and pick some up then :) I had a sip of some at Burning Man; it was pretty good stuff!

For the climber in your life…

…there is the “Climbing Light”: Very cool! it makes me want one :) Technorati Tags: Climbing, Outdoors

movies and stuff

Last Sunday, I saw the film Wallace and Grommit. I must say that I really enjoyed it! I love gadgets, and the movie was full of them. Plus, I love animation, and claymation is pretty close to regular animation. And, in addition, there were lots of adult puns thrown in the mix (ie: “May contain nuts”).

Coker riding and a dog in a motorcycle boat trailer

This dog, seen in Corralitos, CA on our Coker unicycle ride, was traveling in style behind a nice motorcycle: He had this little area to stick his head out of. You gotta love the pirate flag! The back is nicely done! If he wanted to get out of the wind, he could tuck underneath, and still see forward through a little glass window!

Wabi – Sabi Treehouse Vacation Rental in Maui, Hawaii!

Cool! If you are vacationing in Maui and want to stay in a treehouse check out the Wabi – Sabi Treehouse. 400 square feet of tree pleasure built by an Austrian craftsman. Check out their site and email them for more information or to reserve it.

Muni Weekend — more photo’s

John Foss always gets a great set of photos. They are all located here. I’m here: (flying!) (i just rode down that pipe) Tom’s also got some good pictures. This is my fave: “Similar activities” Mikes car

California Mountain Unicycle Weekend

Last weekend was the annual “California Mountain Unicycle Weekend” (official website at the SB Unicycle Club). This year, it was held in Santa Barbara, California. I had a BLAST! As usual, other people took a lot of great pictures. Here are some of the highlights: Some of Nathan Hoover’s pictures on the Cold Springs trail: My “purple panties” outfit. Me riding down one of the last tricky bits of Cold Springs. ..and the “Saddle Rock” trail (intense!): Barley making it down! ..and the “street competition”, which I got last in! Nathan also has some good pictures of other people..but heck,... [read more]

Berkeley Juggling and Unicycle Festival

Last weekend, I went to the Berkeley Juggling and Unicycle Festival. I had a ton of fun! I got there on Saturday morning at about 11 am. I started hopping around on my trials uni with some other people and then saw a reporter for the Daily Cal who interview some of us. She ended up using a quote from me in the report here:, although my name has a typo (corbin dunn, not corbin dinn!). Nathan, as usual, took a ton of cool pictures. A few of the cool ones with me in them are: standing on a... [read more]


I like cool flowers. These grow in my dad’s yard: (Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii). I’ve got a collection of orchids on top of my fridge. I really need to devote some more time to them. Technorati Tags: Outdoors, Flowers

Botany Photo of the Day

This website is great: Botany Photo of the Day. A new botany photo, guess what, every day! Educational, and beautiful. Plus, for you Safari and RSS junkies, there is an Atom Feed! (I have it on my bookmark bar in Safari). Technorati Tags: Outdoors

Tim Burton’s “Corpse Bride”

I’m soo there on opening night! I love Tim Burton’s dark, animated movies. But, then again, I’ve been a fan of animation my whole life. Scarily, this was Halloween 2004 — before the Incredibles movie came out! (Me and Louise). Anyways, you have to check out the Corpse Bride Trailer (large). It looks like CGI, but is frame animation done with a digi-cam! Way cool.

Berkeley Juggling and Unicycle Festival

The “Berkeley Juggling and Unicycle Festival” is this Fri, Sat and Sunday: I’ll be there! Come say hi. I’ll be riding a unicycle.

Cocoa only feed

One of the great things about WordPress is that you can subscribe to the feed that you are intersted in. For instance, if you just interested in Cocoa stuff, you can just watch this feed. To subscribe to a different feed, change the cat=6 to whatever category number you want. Very cool. I like WordPress. Eventually I may add subscribe links to all my pages. In fact..i might do that now.

castle rock adventures

today was a good day of castle rock climbing. JR, Sebastian, Jason, Sarah and I went up for some adventure on the right side of the waterfall cliff. It was a blast! I led a pretty easy 5.10c (Putrefaction), but at the top sort of skipped to the right and then avoided a 5.11a overpass: (notice the “coffee bean” in the middle). the 5.11a doesn’t start till that last single X (bolt). The bottom is an easy 5.10c, and you can scramble left or right to keep it in the 10 category. Later, we all attempted the 5.11 move on... [read more]

Coker Muni Ride and Disc Golfing

Yesterday was a fun day. Nathan, Beau, Jason Nick and I did a cool “Coker Muni” ride in Santa Cruz. We rode up the UCON trail, and then down Magic Carpet. It was really cool, and fast on coker’s. Afterwards, we went to De Laveaga Disc Golf course in Santa Cruz, but we couldn’t play due to a tournament. I saw my old Borland buddy, Jim (from ages ago), and he gave us a tip about a course over behind SLV. So, we drove out to Felton and managed to find the course. Finding holes was another story, as the... [read more]

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