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More mountain unicycling pictures.

John has some pictures of our trip to Downieville: smugmug – John Foss : Downieville, July 17, 2005. I’m the guy not wearing a shirt with a blue helmet.

Some Mountain Unicycling (muni) and Trials pictures

John Foss put some pictures he took of me on his smugmug site: Hurt arm – I hugged a tree. (from riding in Auburn) Doing Trials riding (at Jess’s house):

Sharing your mouse, keyboard and pasteboard with several Macs (or PC's)

Like many people, I have several computers at work that I frequently switch among: I recently started using Synergy to share my mouse, keyboard and pasteboard among my main work G5 and my home Powerbook. It is pretty cool, and fairly easy to setup. Once I pop into work, I run a little script to start the client on my PowerBook: #!/bin/sh prog=(/Users/corbin/synergy/synergyc ### Stop any currently running Synergy client killall ${prog[0]##*/} ### Start the new client exec “${prog[@]}” I set this to be always opened with Console, and I manually double click on it when I want to... [read more]

Leopards Etc

Last weekend at Ken Adelman’s house, I got to see five of the gorgeous cats from Leopards, Etc. It was really really really cool! I like wild cats, and it was great to see them up close and personal. The best part was hearing the cheeta purr! I highly reccomend going to one of their events. You will not be sorry!

Using Xcode to become a faster programmer

You can utilize some of Xcode’s cool features to become a faster Mac OS X programmer. Here are some things which you may not know: 1. Use Code Completion (Code Sense). However, the default keyboard shortcut is lame. Go to the Xcode preferences, Key Bindings: and change the Code Sense Completion List binding to be Ctrl-Space (I use Option-Space, but really it is the ctrl-key, because I like to swap my ctrl and option keys): While you are there, set the Code Sense Select Next Placeholder to be Ctrl-/ (that is control forward slash, and again, I have mine set... [read more]

Cmd – click. The subtle secret of Mac OS X.

It seems that a lot of people don’t know how cmd click works in a lot of Mac OS X Cocoa applications. To put it simply, Cmd-clicking on a non key window (or application for that matter) will act like a normal click without making the window key! This is really cool for testing UI things while debugging or testing for memory leaks. Here is how I use this technique while debugging: 1. I’m debugging my application with Xcode. Inside of Xcode I have a “hot” breakpoint that I don’t want to enable, since enabling it will make Xcode key,... [read more]

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