Using Xcode to become a faster programmer

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You can utilize some of Xcode’s cool features to become a faster Mac OS X programmer. Here are some things which you may not know:

1. Use Code Completion (Code Sense). However, the default keyboard shortcut is lame. Go to the Xcode preferences, Key Bindings:


and change the Code Sense Completion List binding to be Ctrl-Space (I use Option-Space, but really it is the ctrl-key, because I like to swap my ctrl and option keys):


While you are there, set the Code Sense Select Next Placeholder to be Ctrl-/ (that is control forward slash, and again, I have mine set to be option-/ because I swap my keys):

2. Now that you have it properly setup, use it! Here is how you should be using it:

You want to call a particular method in your current class (self). Type the first few characters:


Hit Ctrl-Space to bring up the Code Sense window:


Type a few more characters to narrow down what you want, and arrow key down to select the signature you want to use:


Hit enter to add the template into your source code:


Fill in the first parameter:


Then, hit Ctrl-/ to go the next completion item and highlight it:


Repeat with more Ctrl-/ commands until you are done.

3. Congratulations! You are now a faster programmer.


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