circular treehouse

The Circular Treehouse: Zip Line and Finishing

Ah, some pictures and details I meant to post ages ago. Building stairs for the treehouse: Accessories for the zip line: And me installing it:

The Circular Treehouse: Zip Line to the Treehouse Video

I’m still working on it, but here’s a short video of some of it.

The Circular Treehouse – Platform Sneak Peak

Well! Today I finished the base platform. This is all I’m planning on doing for the “event” (edited in 2018). Well, this and adding stairs. Sometime I may turn it into a real treehouse with... [read more]

The Circular Treehouse – Beam Install

The first step was to install the top brackets. Well, first had to get the proper bolts. I wanted to use 3/4″ thick (radius) by 8″ long lag bolts — galvanized to support the weather.... [read more]

The Circular Treehouse – Bracket Fabrication

I bought some 4” wide by 1/4” thick steel from SIMS metal in San Jose with the intent on using it to make brackets. Now, 4” would be perfect if I used 4x4s for the... [read more]

The Circular Treehouse – Updated Plans

I decided to redo my “special event” treehouse concept. I wanted something far enough out in front of the trees to suffice as a proper area to stand for the ceremony, and the typical umbrella... [read more]

The Circular Treehouse: Building a New Treehouse

(Update in 2018, I edited this content a bit. I had made this for a special event with my previous partner, and decided to reword some things mainly for my own sanity). I decided to... [read more]

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