The Circular Treehouse – Updated Plans


I decided to redo my “special event” treehouse concept. I wanted something far enough out in front of the trees to suffice as a proper area to stand for the ceremony, and the typical umbrella treehouse design seemed like a good idea, so I went with it. This design can be seen in some old treehouse books, such as Nelson’s “Home Tree Home” (the basic treehouse building bible — I used it when I built my last big treehouse about 10 years ago).


I’m opting for a half-round treehouse for several reasons:

1. Cost/wood — a lot of the wood I’m using is reclaimed from when my deck was built (they are 2×8’s used to form the cement retaining wall)

2. Time. I want to get it done sooner than later.

3. I don’t want to kill the tree. The diameter isn’t that large, and I’m afraid that sticking a ton of lag bolts into the tree will kill it if I go entirely around the tree. Even with lag bolts half way around the tree could potentially get damaged, but, I don’t think anything will happen since redwoods are *very* resilient. These redwoods have survived a fire that happened a long time ago (at least over 35 years ago, since the main house has been there that long. )

I’m a little late at writing my blog entry..since I’ve already got a start on the treehouse, but the next steps were to fabricate the treehouse brackets. That’ll be the next entry..

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