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I like to make things, be it with computers or real world stuff. For 13 years I worked at Apple on Cocoa, mostly doing UI implementation in AppKit, such as NSTableView, NSWindow, and NSVisualEffectView.  I also did quite a bit of work in UIKit – mainly on the early iPhone releases starting back when it was a secret project (Purple or P2), but also helping with the first few versions of the public SDK after that. I wrote and worked on the base classes, such as UILabel and UITableView. You may recall seeing me at WWDC in the labs, or up on stage giving a talk. Before Apple, I worked at Borland, primarily on Delphi, doing user interface work. I also wrote a full fledged refactoring engine for the Object Pascal language. 

I’m now a part time professional woodworker and artist, selling my work over at Corbin’s Workshop.

Check out my YouTube channel where I have a bunch of interesting videos. Cool playlists: DIY Kitchen Cabinets, Cyr Wheel, Unicycling (including the Arizona Trail adventure).

I enjoy unicycling a lot, and seem to be somewhat decent at long distance unicycling.  There is an international competition (UNICON) every two years, and in 2010 I became the Marathon Unicycle World Champion! In 2012 I went to UNICON in Italy; I got 3rd in the marathon, 10km and 100km races; the competition was much tougher!  In 2020 I had the opportunity to be a professional unicyclist and appeared in a commercial for Xfinity Wireless.

Back in 2011 I grew interested in the Cyr wheel. It is a circus art, also known as roue cyr or simple wheel. I enjoy making my own wheels, including the LED cyr wheel. I have a cyr few tutorials, and a page for where to buy a wheel for people who want to get into it.

I really like traveling and seeing the world. I’ve been to Europe, Vietnam, Indonesia, Africa, Madagascar, India, Nepal, and New Zealand. I’m hoping to go many more places and I absolutely love adventures.  I really like the mountains, and the snow capped mountains in Nepal and Switzerland really captivate my interest. Camping is gobs of fun for me, and I’ll go on solo trips.

I also like woodworking, metalworking/machining, rock climbing and building things. I like treehouses, and lived in one for about five years. Back in 2000 I appeared on a TV show called Weird Homes where they featured my treehouse that I built. Watch the episode here.

Some things I built are the recumbent unicycle and tandem unicycle. I like working with my hands and I’m skilled at many things. I love being outdoors. Yosemite is one of my favorite places in the world. I have a passion for animals. I have a kitty cat named Ichigo, some pet fish, and worms. I used to have chickens, but they disappeared…

I used to live in the Santa Cruz mountains, and I did a lot of home remodeling on the house, dubbed Project Hutchinson

I also enjoy photography, and especially like nature photography.

I’m particularly fond of electric cars, and how they are good for our environment. My 1969 electric VW bug conversion is my pride and joy, and I’m happy to share all the build details with everyone. I’ve also got a Tesla Model S that I drive around in.

A few years ago I got reacquainted with Burning Man and really enjoy the art and experiences that the playa provides.

If you want to get ahold of me, my email is: corbin at corbinstreehouse dot com. My Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/corbinstreehouse/

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