Avid CNC vs Phantom CNC, Laguna, Shop Sabre, Etc


Textual link to the video: Don’t Buy the Wrong CNC – Why I got an Avid CNC

This video is almost 20 minutes long and I go into details on why I got an Avid CNC instead of something else. Nick, from Stated Woods, did a similar video last year on why he got a Phantom CNC: Which is the Best CNC For You – Avid or Phantom. He made a lot of good points in the video, and it heavily influenced me in wanting to buy a big welded-frame CNC machine. I was pretty close to getting a Phantom CNC or a Laguna Swift CNC, but in the end I went with an Avid.

I highlight why in the video, but the main reasons are price and capabilities. You can get a lot more capable of machine for a lot less of a price than a big welded machine. They do have their limitations, but the DIY nature of the Avid can also let you solve some of those problems.

Check out the video and let me know what you think! In particular, I’m interested to know about other people who got an Avid and why they picked that over something else. Comment in the video or below. Thanks!

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