Purple and Gold Epoxy Drip Bowls – CNC Woodworking


This bowl design is an evolution of several things. The bowl shape is almost identical to the Ink and Oak Bowl, and I wanted to combine epoxy like the Chaos Bowl. But I wanted controlled chaos. So, I experimented with generating 3d forms inside of Fusion 360.

The machining time for this bowl is quite high. I didn’t record the actual time, but there are three separate operations: one step for creating the texture, another for the bowl bottom/outside, then a final op for the bowl top and inside. I think it was roughly 10 hours (ish).

There is no way I could economically sell these and make any sort of profit. I’m going to try to sell one for $80 to try to cover some material costs. I think I used about 1/4 gallon of epoxy. At about $75-80/gallon, that is about $20 in epoxy alone. I’ve since refined the process to use less in some other designs.

Purchase over at Redwood Monkey Workshop: the Gold Epoxy Drip bowl or the Purple Epoxy Drip Bowl.

I finished the purple drip bowl with “Walrus Oil”, which is a food safe cutting board oil made from mineral oil and beeswax. The yellow bowl is finished with Tried and True Danish Oil, which is a polymerized linseed oil — also food safe. The danish oil looks more deep in color, and has a slight shine to it. I like it better!

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[…] For quite a while I’ve had the idea of making a wood bowl that has wood drips off the top and over the edges. This idea is just an extension of the epoxy “drip” bowls that I’ve done before. That idea itself came from me trying to snap wood and create a rough broken edge to pour epoxy on top of. The “chaos bowl” was the result of that experiment, but I found it really difficult to control the shape of the broken wood edges. So, how could I control it? I could CNC the specific cracked edges designed on a computer in CAD/3D, and this led me down to road to making my first “epoxy drip bowl“. […]

[…] Original post: Epoxy Purple and Gold Drip Bowls […]

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