Purple and Gold Epoxy Drip Bowls – CNC Woodworking


This bowl design is an evolution of several things. The bowl shape is almost identical to the Ink and Oak Bowl, and I wanted to combine epoxy like the Chaos Bowl. But I wanted controlled chaos. So, I experimented with generating 3d forms inside of Fusion 360.

The machining time for this bowl is quite high. I didn’t record the actual time, but there are three separate operations: one step for creating the texture, another for the bowl bottom/outside, then a final op for the bowl top and inside. I think it was roughly 10 hours (ish).

There is no way I could economically sell these and make any sort of profit. I’m going to try to sell one for $80 to try to cover some material costs. I think I used about 1/4 gallon of epoxy. At about $75-80/gallon, that is about $20 in epoxy alone. I’ve since refined the process to use less in some other designs.

Purchase over at Redwood Monkey Workshop: the Gold Epoxy Drip bowl or the Purple Epoxy Drip Bowl.

I finished the purple drip bowl with “Walrus Oil”, which is a food safe cutting board oil made from mineral oil and beeswax. The yellow bowl is finished with Tried and True Danish Oil, which is a polymerized linseed oil — also food safe. The danish oil looks more deep in color, and has a slight shine to it. I like it better!

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