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This bowl started out with the idea of using cracked pieces of wood. Unfortunately, it turned out pretty ugly. I didn’t quite calculate where the broken areas would show up, and it became way too messy of a look. The shape of the bowl is incredibly beautiful and simple. I’m looking forward to making some other bowls with this same shape.

The wood is California madrone that I harvested with my chainsaw mill on my neighbor’s property.

For epoxy, I used the slow-setting “Pour Me A River” brand epoxy’s “Deep Pour”. I got bubbles in the end product, but I blame my casting design more so than the product. A vacuum chamber would help me get rid of bubbles like these. Or, I can just cast it differently (upside down would have worked better).

The bowl was machined on my Tormach PCNC 1100.

Related: check out the making video: Making the Black Epoxy chaos bowl

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[…] another shape that can’t be created on the standard wood lathe. This bowl is an evolution of the Chaos Bowl I made a while back. That bowl is translucent black, but when I was tinting the epoxy I […]

[…] came from me trying to snap wood and create a rough broken edge to pour epoxy on top of. The “chaos bowl” was the result of that experiment, but I found it really difficult to control the shape of […]

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