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I’m trying to figure out the best motor for my project. I’m now down to considering the EVE AC30 (or AC40) versus the DC WarP 9.

The WarP 9 data is all given at 72v rated on the dyno by Netgain; I simply doubled the RPM and assume the torque output is the same up until about 4000 RPM; I’m not sure if that assumption is correct.

Here’s a graph of Torque vs RPM for the various motors:

Screen shot 2010-05-10 at 4.47.51 PM.png

I know the HPGC AC50 will be underpowered for what I want, but this chart makes it look like the WarP9 is also underpowered. However, this at ~260 amps — more amps will give more power, but it is a question of how long can the motor take that.

UPDATE: From I found out the Netgain WarP 9 is: “They are actually rated at 450 Amps for 5 minutes, 225 Amps for 1 hour, and 190 Amps continuous duty”.

I could probably (quite safely) push 300 amps for 10 minutes up my 5% grade hill.

Based on looking at other AC conversions, I think the AC30 will be too weak; I really would need to go with the EVE AC40. I’m sort of paranoid to use a motor that no one else in the US has used in a conversion.


* WarP 9 motor page on Netgain. WarP 9 Performance Data. WarP 9 Performance Graph.

* EVE data for the M2-AC30-L (30kw continuous). I think their chart is for the *max* torque.

* EVE emailed me data for the M3-AC40-L (40kw continuous). This chart shows both nominal and max torque.

* HPGC’s AC50 (TODO: link to HPEV’s website / graph). This is definitely max torque.


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I’m also interested in a high performance AC conversion so your blog has proven very useful for comparing the motor and controller options. Great to see the performance curves for the EVE M3-AC40-L here. I wish they would improve their website to include this kind of info! Any idea where I can buy one and for how much? Should I just email them?


Edwards — I send you email with how to contact them, but yes, it is basically just email them and they will give you the information.

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