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Unicycling is one of my favorite activities — especially mountain unicycling or road riding in the hills by my house. I learned to unicycle in April 2004 when I got my first one: a cromo steel Kris Holm 24″ mountain uni.

I was the previous 2010 Unicycle Marathon World Champion! The course was really suited to my riding style. In 2012, I attended UNICON and got 3rd in each of the marathon, 10km and 100km races. The cool thing about the 100km race is that I was one of the only people to do it nonstop, with zero dismounts or falls.. At the North American Unicycle Nationals in 2010 (called UGames), I also won the Downhill Mountain Unicycling race, and Marathon race. I placed second in the 10km and time trial races (behind the super-fast Chuck Edwall) and 3rd in Mountain Uni Cross Country.

I have a lot of unicycles and primary ride my Kris Holm geared 36″ road uni and 24″ geared mountain unicycle. I also have a geared 26″ muni. The geared hub is a planetary system that gives two speeds, and are from Schlumpf Innovations.

In April 2017 I rode the Arizona Trail on my unicycle. Check out all the posts: Arizona Trail on Unicycle.

In 2015 I rode my unicycle through the Himalayan mountains of Nepal.

Listed below are various posts about unicycling (this is my “Unicycling” category on the left”).

The Arizona Trail on Unicycle: Day 26, Just 7 Miles of Hiking

April 25, 2017 The seven miles down may have been harder than this day’s seven miles of slightly uphill. My calves were still sore from the hike down, and the heavy backpack wasn’t helping. We left the Bright Angel campsite and did a quick stop off at Phantom Ranch around 9 or 9:30AM. Not only does the ranch sell beer, but they also have some postcards you can buy. Does that mean the mailman will do a daily hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon? Well, not quite: the post cards are carried out by mule, and you get... [read more]

The Arizona Trail on Unicycle: Day 25, Unicycles Strapped to Our Backs

April 24, 2017 …Except Jamey, who opted to carry his unicycle on his shoulder! This was the day we had to figure out how to get our unicycles across the Grand Canyon without having them touch the ground. You are not allowed to push a bike (or uni) down and across. We woke up a bit later in the morning with our complete gang: Ashley, Colin and Lexi planned to hike the trail with us and camp two nights down with us before having to hike back out. Originally they wanted to hike from the South rim to the North... [read more]

The Arizona Trail on Unicycle: Day 24, The South Rim of the Grand Canyon

April 23, 2017 Ah, the south rim of the Grand Canyon! We didn’t want to miss our last chance at civilization so we first went to the coffee shop in town and grabbed something warm for breakfast. A simple egg and bacon on a bagel tasted really good at that point, even after having my normal oatmeal for breakfast.  We were prepared for about six miles of easy trail from town to the Canyon but it turned out they had recently paved the path and we just cruised it at a fast speed and ended up at our destination campground... [read more]

The Arizona Trail on Unicycle: Day 23, The Throwing Knife

April 22, 2017 We could still see the San Francisco peaks in the southern distance and it was amazing that we were by them just a few days prior as they had shrunk to a small size from our current vantage point. I woke up early and watched the sun rise as I had my morning coffee and packed up. We weren’t in a big hurry, as the day should only be about 20 miles or so, and we had read that it was supposed to be easy mostly downhill singletrack.  Jamey got a 20 minute head start to get... [read more]

The Arizona Trail on Unicycle: Day 22, Chips

April 21, 2017 The wind had stopped during the night and we thankfully woke up to calmness. I had to shake a bunch of dust out of my tent and it made me reminisce of Burning Man, where that is a daily occurrence. Camping right at a dirt water tank probably wasn’t the best idea, but it was flat and comfy. The soreness was still in my quads, but the muscle above my left foot felt almost back to normal.  While at REI I had splurged and bought one dehydrated breakfast of bacon and eggs. Jamey had been mixing them... [read more]

The Arizona Trail on Unicycle: Day 21, Headwind, Sidewind and No Tailwind

April 20, 2017 Sleeping at high elevation in Arizona is cold. We decided to get up a bit later and enjoy the warmth of our sleeping bags and let the sun crest over the nearby peak before really starting the day. We all slowly moseyed out of the tents, with me first to appear, and got packed up and said goodbye to our beautiful little pond and gorgeous views at about 8AM The tents were frost free, but the tricking water down to the pond was icy. One nice thing about the cold was that it froze the snow, making... [read more]

The Arizona Trail on Unicycle: Day 20, Hungover and Where’s My Chainsaw?

April 19, 2017 Not a fun day. My four beers and a few shots of Whiskey caught up with me. I’ve rarely gotten any sort of hangover as I’m pretty careful on how much I drink. But the day before I didn’t have much water and replaced it with beer. I knew I was thirsty, and I thought that craft IPA would be good enough for my body. And a few swigs of whiskey with a cool through hiker sounded good at the time. But by the morning I was having trouble keeping anything in my stomach.  Jamey had gotten... [read more]

The Arizona Trail on Unicycle: Day 19, Black Widows and Beer

April 18, 2017 The push to Flagstaff! We were highly motivated at to get to town. Our backpacks were now much lighter after having eaten almost 5 days worth of food and we were excited to get to town to have some craft beer. Beer can be a high motivator for someone out in the woods.  The previous camp site I selected wasn’t ideal. My blow up Thermarest suffered a hole and was completely flat by midnight. I tried to find the hole my ears and headlamp, but it proved impossible to locate so I just went back to sleep... [read more]

The Arizona Trail on Unicycle: Day 18, You Didn’t See the Mountain?

April 17, 2017 Yesterday we were about 5 or 6 miles short of our riding goal, and on this day we were already planning on about 25 miles. So that meant 30+ miles all on the trail so we could remain on schedule. And we did it! But we had to start a bit earlier. So I got up at 4:50AM and started my usual routine, except I opted for 3 oatmeals in preparation for the long day (and extra strong instant coffee). I somehow had an extra two oatmeal packets from a breakfast that we did in some other... [read more]

The Arizona Trail on Unicycle: Day 17, Three Glass Beer Bottles on Easter

April 16, 2017 Brr… another cold night. It is deceptive in the evenings as the warmer setting sun makes you think it might be a warm night. But camping at almost 7000′ in the high desert makes you wish you had brought a portable space heater up the mountain with you. I just don’t know where I’d plug it into.  The riding was mostly flat, but rocky. That meant a lot more walking than we would usually like. Rebekka would always prefer to ride over walking, as long hours on her feet was starting to give her some pain.  At... [read more]

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