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Unicycle Marathon World Champion

I’m the 2010 Unicycle World Champion for the Marathon Race!

Jeff Wilton took some great pictures, and here is one of me crossing the finish line and getting interviewed at the end:


11 Responses to “Unicycle Marathon World Champion”

  1. Matt says:

    Congratulations! That is quite an achievement.

  2. Steve Nash says:

    That’s awesome Corbin! Congrats!

  3. Frédéric BLANC says:

    Wow! Just wow! Congrats! — Fred

  4. Stan Dunn says:



  5. Mário Silva says:

    Hi Corbin, Congratulations from Lisbon, Portugal!! You are a big WINNER!! If any time think to visit Portugal don´t forget to contact me. Regards and Happy 2010! Mário Silva

  6. Corbin’s Treehouse » Blog Archive » Unicon Marathon Race Details says:

    […] Unicycle Marathon World Champion […]

  7. Jason says:

    It’s quite obvious your RTL jersey played a key role in your win. I mean, you win nearly every race in which you wear that thing! Oops, did I just let your secret out?

  8. Philip Schleihauf says:

    Good job! I’m going to need to get to Unicon one of these years…

  9. David Merrill says:

    wow, nice work Corbin! you’re definitely hardcore!!

  10. Florian Schlumpf says:

    Corbin! Congratulations! I’m so proud of you, guys, and very happy, that all worked out so well!

  11. Christian Armin says:

    Congratulations! That sounds like conditions were really tough. You’re the man! See you in Italy for XVI, maybe?

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