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Treehouses. They fascinate children and bring out imagination in adults.

Picture of Corbin\'s Treehouse

I built and lived in a treehouse for a while. I built the first one in Jr High School (1992), and then a proper one to live in when I was 20-21. I lived in it for about 5 years.

I have quite a few web pages documenting the treehouse — mainly construction of the new one, and some pictures of when it was finished. They are in the “old style” of my website, and have some outdated links (sorry!)

Start on the main page: treehouse.html.

Or, take a look at some of the finished pictures, from back in 2000: Page 7 of Treehouse Pictures.

Note that the treehouse fell down in 2009 (the floor fell out).

Treehouse blogs:

  • All About Tree Houses – helping people learn to build their own tree houses through informative article/posts and question & answer. By Dan Wright, from Tree Top Builders, who builds treehouses for a living, and also offers workshops. In addition, check out his treehouse and zipline videos on YouTube.
  • The Treehouse Guy. Peter Nelson’s blog. He is the author of quite a few famous treehouse books, some of which inspired me to build my last big treehouse.

Below are posts from the “treehouses” category on my blog.

The Wedding Treehouse – Updated Plans

I decided to redo my wedding treehouse concept. I wanted something far enough out in front of the trees to suffice as a proper area to stand for the ceremony, and the typical umbrella treehouse design seemed like a good idea, so I went with it. This design can be seen in some old treehouse books, such as Nelson’s “Home Tree Home” (the basic treehouse building bible — I used it when I built my last big treehouse about 10 years ago). I’m opting for a half-round treehouse for several reasons: 1. Cost/wood — a lot of the wood I’m... [read more]

Tree Top Builders

I would like to give a big thanks to Dan Wright, from Tree Top Builders out in PA. Dan has been building some amazing treehouses for quite some time and is well experienced in the art of treehouse building. He offered to talk to me a bit about my new “wedding treehouse” design and gave me some great feedback for how I could improve it. He quickly pointed out how my lower-horizontal brace would easily be over-stressed by the knee braces, and it would need to be really beefy wood (or made of steel) in order to withstand the forces... [read more]

My treehouse fell down!

Well, a few weeks ago it finally happened. My treehouse fell down! Well, not entirely; about 3/4 of the floor fell out. I took a few pictures with my iPhone; I’ll probably be going back in a week or so to do more cleanup and scavenging. Here’s a view from the ground, looking up at the treehouse. The sink is literally hanging by a thread (the pipes!): A view from inside the treehouse: Another view from underneath: The floor fell down and rotated on top of the things in the treehouse: So, what happened? Well, a few weeks ago we... [read more]

Building a new treehouse

I decided to build a mini-treehouse for Louise and I to get married on. We worked on clearing some of the brush off our land where we want the ceremony to be, and Louise mentioned that I should build a platform for us to stand on so we were level. I figured if I was going to go to the trouble of building a temporary platform, that I might as well build it up in some redwood trees as a mini-treehouse. It will start out as a tree platform, but eventually I may add walls and a ceiling to make... [read more]

Pete Nelson’s latest treehouse

From his blog: Just amazing, as usual!

The Canopy Cathedral « The Treehouse Guy

An amazing new Treehouse by Peter Nelson. [From The Canopy Cathedral « The Treehouse Guy]

Peter Nelson’s Treehouse Blog

I just ran across a great blog, Peter Nelson’s The Treehouse Guy. He wrote several great treehouse books, some of which were the inspiration to make my own treehouse.

French Treehouse

Some guys who made a cool treehouse in france emailed me a link to their site: The treehouse is great! They have a spiral staircase and a lift custom made out of steel: Makes me wish I had more time to work on my treehouse!

House for rent (that has my treehouse on it) in Corralitos, ca

Most of my family lives in Hawaii, but they still have a house over here in Corralitos, Santa Cruz County, California. My dad decided we should rent it out, so it will be available (starting in April or May). What is special about this house? Well, my treehouse is on the property, although it is going to not be included in the rental so we have a place to visit and stay at. My dad posted the following on craigslist: “Built in 1981 redwood home with dining room and den. two car garage with room for one car, carport,... [read more]

Artisan Tree & Treehouse

I’ve always loved treehouses, and eventually I hope to build a few more on my property. Until then, I’ll have to live vicariously through other treehouse builders. Steve Chmielnicki, of Rosemont, PA, is an excellent treehouse builder who is open for business. Take a look at some of his work: Feel free to contact Steve via his website: and go get a custom treehouse of your own built!

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