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Electric Mini Boat

Electric Mini Boat! My friend Josh at rapid whale came up with this awesome mini boat powered by a 12v battery. Check out more details on his Mini Boat page.

Woodworking: Jewelry Rack

My wife requested one thing for Christmas: a custom made jewelry rack. Originally I was thinking of welding something together out of old gears and sprockets, but the power went out right when I was about to get going on it. Instead, I went outside with the chainsaw to cut up some old wood for the fireplace. One oak tree stump has been rotting nicely and was full of termites. I hacked off a quarter and noticed how beautiful the wood looked, and quickly got inspired to save the wood. I made a few slabs by hand, and then had... [read more]

VFD South Bend Lathe Upgrade: Part 1: Motor and VFD selection

The 110v motor on my SouthBend 13” tool room lathe from the 1950’s is slowly dying. It stalls a lot, and I’m forced to take really light cuts, even in aluminum. It slowly decreases speed after prolonged use and eventually stops. It also usually stalls on start, so I have to give it a starting spin by hand to get it going. I’ve also been a bit unhappy about not having a precise speed control. So, it is time to upgrade! Here’s the original motor installed and after I pulled it out:           It is 1... [read more]

Code Reviews, Part 2: When to do them, and how to avoid them

Part 1 discussed why you should not be done code reviews. Part 2: When to do code reviews and how to not do them. If you are creating mission critical code, then by all means: have every change reviewed by someone else. In other words, if you are doing the drivetrain logic for my Tesla, then have someone else review every single change twice. If you are writing core kernel code for an OS where making a mistake would stop hundreds of other people from getting work done, then yeah, you need to get all your code reviewed. More often than not,... [read more]

Code Reviews, Part 1: Don’t do them.

You probably don’t need to be doing code reviews. Have confidence in the code you write, and understand it well. Click through to read all the details on why.

Sailing: Crabbing in Moss Landing

Some ramblings about where to go crabbing off Moss Landing in a sailboat, and the equipment I use.

Plug Bug: Fixed, and then broken again

The electric bug constantly has stuff going wrong with it. I got it back on the road and registered as a salvage vehicle. I could finally drive it to work again, but I’m a bit nervous about using the carpool lane since it only has one of the required three stickers showing.  A few days later I noticed it was pulling strongly to the left on the freeway when I was braking. So, I popped of the brakes, and the pads were pretty worn. A few days later I had some new pads and it was once again braking in... [read more]

Plug Bug: Carpool stickers going bye-bye

I had to tear them off. It was a sad day.

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