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Building the Chesapeake 16LT Kayak: Part 3 – Stitching

I got to the stitching part of the “stitch and glue” kayak build! It didn’t take very long….the kit was easy to work with.  I had to push my tablesaw off to the side to make some more room for things.

Here are the sides; they are stitched on the ends with 18 gauge copper wire:

IMG 7718

 The bottom pieces are stitched together and then set on top to become the V bottom of the hull. I wasn’t sure which side was front…but then it became obvious (initially I had it flipped the wrong way). It only aligns up one way, and the front (bow) has a nice sweeping line, whereas the back has a flat end.

IMG 7719


The sides were then stitched to the bottom. I ran out of copper wire. The instructions recommend taking the wire as a roll and cutting it into thirds to generate wire pieces that were 2.5-3” long. However, this produced some slightly longer pieces, and because of that I was short a bit of wire. Luckily Home Depot sells it, and for $5 I had 25 more feet of wire.

IMG 7721


Next the hull is flipped right side up and you setup some sticks to remove any twist in the body..

 IMG 7726


It’s going together a lot faster than I expected! But the glassing is going to take quite a bit of time…

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