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Tricks for fast Bluetooth LE data transfers

I’ve been using the Adafruit LE friend to do some data transfer tests. With the basic setup, I was sending 1 kB of data in about 9.5 to 10 seconds. That is horribly slow! About 100 bytes per second.  I did some research and found a couple of good links. This link about BLE discusses using the Nordic nRF chip and mbed to send data to a peripheral (i.e.: from the computer to the device). This link about sending data from the peripheral has some good tips when going in the other direction.   I gave up trying to get the Adafruit LE friend to be... [read more]

Adafruit Bluetooth LE SPI “Friend” with data loss and stalls (infinite loops)

I’m working on adding bluetooth support to my LED cyr wheel.  A long time ago I picked up an Adafruit nRF8001 breakout board — I was worried it was too big to fit in my wheel, and once I started working with it I realized it sucked. Specifically, the API was limiting; you couldn’t even set the peripheral’s name to something longer than 8 characters! Luckily they now have an “Bluefruit SPI Friend”, so I got one of those. Well, I ended up accidentally getting two. The first one I had sent via USPS, and it took 3 weeks to arrive!... [read more]

Utility sink counter top: The Sculpin IPA Counter

I wanted to touch up some of the areas next to my newly remodeled bathroom, and the laundry room needed a new utility sink. The plastic piece of crap I had was junk and I couldn’t find anything that would fit in the space I need. So, I made a custom cabinet, and planned on a nice concrete counter top similar to my last one.  This time I decided to do a more complex mold: I did a 3D design in Sketchup and made a template to go off of (based on my real top). The above shot is what... [read more]

The Electric Bug Chronicles: Yeah, those skid marks on Highway 85 are mine…

Oh boy… My bug needed new brake pads. I go through them crazy fast, as I drive down the famous “Highway 17” on a daily basis and my car doesn’t do any re-gen braking. This means I “ride the brakes” the whole way down. About a month ago the car started pulling hard to the left, so I popped the front tires off and the front right pad was way worn down. I ordered a new set from CIP1 (accidentally ordering the wrong ones first…) and put them on one evening 30 minutes or so before I had to go... [read more]

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