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New domain for cyr wheel stuff!

I now have that redirects to my Circus/Cyr Wheel blog section. Cool!

Purple Unicycle

My friend Patricia wanted a purple unicycle to match her brother Scott’s frame. Scott has my old KH26 that I painted purple back in 2010. Just like last time, I did a coat of Chrome, and as soon as it was out of the oven I shot it with purple and put it back in for 20 more minutes.  

Plug Bug: Try 3 with the transmission

I really miss driving my electric bug. It has basically been out of commission for an entire year. I probably squeezed out around 1000 miles on the rebuilt transmission I got late last year, but as I mentioned on  y last post I’ve been having some trouble. The general gist I get from people is that the alignment of the main input shaft with the motor is off. This causes the shaft to vibrant around and make the main shaft seal leak oil. So I pulled the motor/transmission from the car (yet again — something like the 5th or 6th time... [read more]

Bathroom Vanity: Counter Top (part II)

Some pictures of it roughly installed:    THE SPROCKET EMBEDDED!

Bathroom vanity: counter top

The project continues with a nice counter top. I wanted to go for concrete as I’m fascinated by it, and got two concrete counter top books by Cheng and some premixed stuff from his website (more on this later) Based on the books, I built a template – but I used cardboard since I had it laying around: I built a mold based off information from the books. Sprayed some sticky stuff on it, and tossed down a bunch of aggregate that I also got from Cheng’s site. Notice the custom side inlay on the far side; a bike sprocket piece!... [read more]

Custom Dragon Unicycle – powder coating and lettering

My unicycle friend Dragon has just started college at UCSC and needed a 29er to get around. I fixed up an old 29’er that I had around. The frame was chromed steel, so I did some easy cleanup on it with acetone and a wire wheel: el I put on some high temp tape and printed out DRAGON on some paper. I taped it over the high temp tape: I carefully cut it out with a sharp exacto:    Then peeled the tape away:   Sprayed it with powder and did a gradient fade:     I baked it and... [read more]

Tesla OS 7 has serious usability problems combined with a hit from the ugly stick

October 15th, 2015: Tesla released their OS version 7 – featuring Autopilot. A self driving car, who wouldn’t want to update? Well, I wish I hadn’t and I want to downgrade. The instrument panel is now very difficult to get the information I care the most about. Here is a screen shot of the car stopped at a light behind another car:   I get it. Tesla is trying to make the car the center of the universe and show you your surroundings. The side lane indicators turn from the a light gray to a white to indicate when you... [read more]

Bathroom vanity: woodworking/finishing completed

I’ve had the bathroom vanity completed, and I’ve been behind on posting progress. Some of the finishing setup: After finishing, I screwed the drawer fronts on: It is now sitting in my bathroom and I’m working on a concrete counter top!

Bug transmission down again :(

Sadly, my transmission saga continues. My rebuilt transmission from MOFOCO was slowly leaking oil from the main shaft. I had took it out…and tried to see if there were any problems. A few months ago before vacation I made sure the pilot bearing was in the right spot (or where I thought was the right spot), and put it back together. It still leaked oil, but I just continued to drive it. Right before my last trip it started slipping — this was no surprise, as I knew the clutch pad would eventually get some oil on it. So, back... [read more]

Photography: Portovenere window (v1)

Some windows in Portovenre, Italy. The first of two. The framing is cool.   

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