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Bathroom Cabinets – bottom piece

Tongue and groove practice; I have a height matched set. Note to self: Put the little rubber grommet inside the chuck. Place it on my table, and push the cutter into it until it bottoms out against the grommet. Then I can mount it in the router and it is always at the same height. Cut it with the “good face” down. Have the height set so there is a larger area on the bottom (slightly of, as seen here in the picture): Here’s a trick I came up with for cutting a straight edge on plywood. The two sides... [read more]

Bathroom Cabinets

Well, my bathroom remodel is coming along bit by bit. I got a new cabinet saw to help with things. I went with the Saw Stop brand saw, which cost a ton, but will potentially save a finger if I accidentally touch the blade. Most all my wood I purchased from Aura Hardwoods in San Jose. They have pretty decent prices, and a friendly staff. Although you sometimes have to ask for the good wood in the back. I was rifling through a bunch of pretty poor looking cherry plywood sheets trying to find a good one when a guy... [read more]

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