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Cyr wheel @ Burning Man

It’s funny to be looking on the internet and find a video of yourself that someone else took at burning man! Here’s me at Circus Boot Camp 2012:
Circus/Cyr Wheel

Where to buy a cyr wheel / roue cyr

Where to buy a cyr wheel / roue cyr / simple wheel. Do you want to buy a cyr wheel? Here is a list of all the known retailers/manufacturers. There is no particular order to people... [read more]
Circus/Cyr Wheel

Roue Cyr at Burning Man 2012

Roue Cyr at Burning Man 2012 (That’s me!) Photo by Tristan Savatier – – used by permission. (Thanks Tristan!)
Circus/Cyr Wheel

Roue Cyr v3

I needed a 5 piece wheel for traveling with my roué cyr and decided to make a new one for the Chicago Big Wheel Weekend. My prior wheels were three pieces, but five seems to... [read more]
Circus/Cyr Wheel

Old times…

For about 7 years I drove a 1967 Ford Mustang around. I miss that car! It would have been a cool conversion to electric. I just scanned some old pictures I came across and thought... [read more]

Homesteading: Easy apple coring

So I was manually coring some apples at my house to dry them using a knife and commenting to my friend Rosannah how much of a pain it was to do so. She suggested using... [read more]
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