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Cyr wheel @ Burning Man

It’s funny to be looking on the internet and find a video of yourself that someone else took at burning man! Here’s me at Circus Boot Camp 2012:

Where to buy a cyr wheel / roue cyr

Where to buy a cyr wheel / roue cyr / simple wheel. Do you want to buy a cyr wheel? Here is a list of all the known retailers/manufacturers. There is no particular order to people in the list, and people will ship worldwide. Check out my video of my LED Cyr Wheel — and support my website by clicking on ads! Sam Tribble – – based on Orange County, California. Contact information for Sam. Sam uses solid aluminum inserts, or zinc plated steel (zinc plating prevents corrosion and is essential for differing metals). Sam can do light weight 3-piece wheels and... [read more]

Roue Cyr at Burning Man 2012

Roue Cyr at Burning Man 2012 (That’s me!) Photo by Tristan Savatier – – used by permission. (Thanks Tristan!)

Roue Cyr v3

I needed a 5 piece wheel for traveling with my roué cyr and decided to make a new one for the Chicago Big Wheel Weekend. My prior wheels were three pieces, but five seems to be much better. It provides a more solid wheel, with less flex (due to more solid inserts), and it is more portable. I picked up metal in my truck from the Metal Supermarket in San Jose. As usual, I bought 20′ pieces of 6061 aluminum; 1.5″ diameter tubing, with 1/8″ sidewall. And a 12′ piece of 1.25″ solid stock for making inserts. I bent the... [read more]

Old times…

For about 7 years I drove a 1967 Ford Mustang around. I miss that car! It would have been a cool conversion to electric. I just scanned some old pictures I came across and thought I’d toss them on the internets. \

Homesteading: Easy apple coring

So I was manually coring some apples at my house to dry them using a knife and commenting to my friend Rosannah how much of a pain it was to do so. She suggested using a technique that her dad does; just sharpen a piece of copper pipe and use that to core the apple. So, a quick trip to my garage and a few minutes later I now have an easy apple coring setup. The sharpened copper pipe easily pushes out the core, and the wooden spoon handle is used to push the core out of the pipe. Mmmm..... [read more]

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