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Lyra that I made. Cromoly steel, 1″ x (I forget the tubing thickness and should measure it for reference). I bent it with my hossfeld bender; the top turned out a little flat, darn it!... [read more]
Circus/Cyr Wheel


So, that ad on the right side of my website…how much does it get me? Well, not much. In the years I’ve been running it, I’ve received one check for $100 (hey, that’s better than... [read more]

Roue Cyr Practice

I’m still working on learning the cyr wheel. I haven’t spent quite enough time to really get the hang of it, but I’m starting to get a better feel for the basic “spin”. Here’s a... [read more]
Circus/Cyr Wheel

New blog layout

I got tired of the old layout. It was a few years old: The new version has a graphic on top and a lighter gray themed layout:

Photography: Lost a Wheel?

Lost a Wheel? November, 2011. Oh where was this? Uni-something-town, Washington


This is a late post…but oh well! Well, late last winter I got a new fireplace. I did a design in sketch up and rendered it to get a good idea of what it would... [read more]
Project Hutchinson

Metal Coat Rack

What a better use for an old VW brake drum? A few in progress shots: Initial sketch and idea:
Machining, Project Hutchinson

Plasma Cutter

I got a new tool a few weeks ago. A plasma cutter! After doing some research, I went with a Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 52. It is awesome! I also had to get a new air... [read more]
General, Machining

Plug Bug: Mileage and Range

So, how far can it go? Today I drove home from a Plug In America gala event in San Francisco. I maintained 55 mph on highway 101 and 85 — relatively flat highways. This is... [read more]
Electric Bug

Bug update: Wheel bearings!

The bug has about 8700 miles so far. I had to change the front right wheel bearing about 1000 miles ago. It started getting loose and making a lot of noise. When I took the... [read more]
Electric Bug

Unicycle Tour of San Francisco: John Foss

John Foss San Francisco, California. September 2011.
Photography, Unicycling

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