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Some amazing treehouses

A friend pointed me to a link on MNN with some amazing treehouses. That led me to Romero Studios. They have built some quit amazing treehouse structures, such as the screen shot below. Check them... [read more]

Shop Tour

How about a tour of my garage shop? Grinder: Work desk and tools hanging on the wall: The fan in the window is used to exhaust fumes from welding and other things: Nuts, bolts and... [read more]
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Plug Bug: Water proofing the motor area

One of the problems with the electric motor is that it is exposed to the elements underneath the car. I don’t want to get water in my Warp9 and have it fry, so I needed... [read more]
Electric Bug

Bug + Tesla

I don’t think I posted this to my blog…my caption was “Sorry Tesla, I got to the Charging Station first!” \
Electric Bug

Plug Bug: Drive to work data

My drive home includes ~1900′ of elevation gain, which takes a lot of energy. The car averaged 322 watt-hours/mile. So, what does the data look like coming too work where I drive *down* highway 17?... [read more]
Electric Bug

Plug Bug: analyzing data

I finally have the car running again! I got the controller back from Netgain Controls with an upgraded motherboard to fix some issues I was seeing. My Interface Module was also fixed to report the... [read more]
Electric Bug

Treehouse Fall Down – Video

This is a follow up to the last post where I posted pictures.

Treehouse Fall Down – Pictures

The main part of my old treehouse fell down quite some time ago. however, the walls were left standing until a while ago when they finally fell too. Here’s a few pictures. I’ll post a... [read more]

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