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Talking Treehouses on Irish Radio

Tom Dunne of newstalk 106-108 FN in Ireland called me at 4:30 in the morning one friday to talk about treehouses. You can listen to the recording: Go to, then Tom Dunne, Archive, March... [read more]

Steel Bending Jigs

I’ve been working on creating a railing for the upstairs portion of my house. I wanted to create it out of steel and have some cool curves in it. I needed a bending jig, and... [read more]

Website statistics

It’s always geeky and interesting to see web stats for a site. Mine gets ~80 to ~100 visits on a normal day. The article spiked that up to 30,000 visits in one day. From... [read more]

Photography: Rolling In

Rolling In

Recumbent Unicycle

Not a pretty beast, and not easy to ride. It took me thee weeks of practice before I could ride it, and only after that could I “sort of” ride it. No free mounting or... [read more]
Machining, Unicycling

Powder Coating a KH24 Mountain Unicycle

Louise got me a powder coating gun for Christmas, and my friend Eric gave me his old stove so I could do some homebrew powder coating. I finally got it all together and did my... [read more]

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