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Blue Tree Software is now closed

Blue Tree Software, my shareware “company” that I have had for many many years is now closed. If you visited you will be redirected to I plan on releasing my flagship product, WallChanger, as open source. The applications all run on Windows, and I only use MacOS, so it might take a while for me to post the source somewhere and rebuild a “freeware” version. If someone wants to build it for me and remove the reg code stuff, let me know…I’ll send it to you. Screen shots of my old website in QuickLook (boy, I designed that... [read more]

Blog moved..

I recently moved my blog and website from one server to another (hopefully better, where I have less downtime, and no data loss!). My Pictures gallery is down, but let me know of anything that doesn’t work (comments work again!) corbin

First Machining Project: Vise Stop

Every machinist needs a good vise stop. Here is mine, 100% completely made from raw steel, except for the bolts bolting it to the vise (which are too long — I need to buy new ones): The knurled wheels use split collars to tighten the bolts down. The larger knurled ones work much better than the smaller ones (require less force to tighten the things down), and I may make some more larger ones. So, how did this project come to finally being finished? I searched the net and found some great links on things people had done. I initially... [read more]

Milling machine tune up

My 1990 Enco Milling machine was starting to get quite a bit of shake at certain speeds. It has a variable speed head, and one of my friends, Bevan, recommended against getting the vari-speed, since they are sometimes prone to having trouble. But, I really do love being able to dial in the speed with the turn of a small wheel, and even though it was a pain to do, I tuned up the head and now it runs smooth again. I took the head apart, carefully labeling stuff on my bench: The main problem was a bad v-belt. The... [read more]

Baobab Trees in Madagascar with Water

7/26/09 4:42:01 PM. f/13. 1/200. ISO 200. 34.00mm with the 17.0-40mm Canon lens. Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XT

MIG welder

I picked up a used MIG welder a few weeks ago. The thing is totally cool; MIG is the way to go (Bronson was right!). I already used it to weld a few little things; a custom grinder stand, and a little piece of steel to a nut. These are things that would have been a pain to do with the oxy-acet torch.

Louise Silk at Berkeley Juggling and Unicycle Festival

Louise Aerial Silk at Berkeley Juggling and Unicycle Festival Summer, 2009 Featuring: Louise Lovelle H.264. 54.75 MB, 4:51 duration. YouTube version

Red Colubus Monkey

At Zanzibar island, off the coast of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. July 2009.

Madagascar Motor Boat

(Blog restore) The boats in Madagascar generally have a regular engine that runs a pulley to the prop shaft. 1/60, f 7.1, ISO 200, 40.0mm

Madagascar: Native Bird

(sorry for the double post, I'm restoring my blog). Canon Digital Rebal. f/2.8, 1/200, ISO 400, 200mm

Madagascar: Girl Leaning on Pole

Madagascar: Green Frog

f/8, 1/80, ISO 200, 100mm (100mm macro lens). No flash.

One ounce removed off KH Moment cranks

Joseph Campbell came over last weekend to ride trials. He was mentioning how heavy the KH cranks are, so I told him we could quickly mill out some material. I took a deep pocket out of the bank of them and removed one ounce form each crank. The cranks started out at about 11 oz and ended up at 10 oz each. The chips on my mill: UPDATE: How about I spell “ounce” and not “once”.

Custom machined V-brake adapter for magura brake mounts

I made this on Saturday out of aluminum: a machined adapter that lets me attach a v-brake to magura brake mounts of my unicycle. The picture below (iPhone quality, sorry!) shows the first one, which was a little larger than #2. The hole for the spring is better on the second one.

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