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Project Hutchinson: baseboards

Baseboards are nearly done! Project hutchinson moves one step closer to being done. iPhone pics:

Americans favor offshore drilling – Jul. 30, 2008

What the heck! did these people just call Texans? [From Americans favor offshore drilling – Jul. 30, 2008]

“Ride the Lobster” Unicycle race — cover article

Howdy! I forgot to pick up a copy of this newspaper in Canada, but it was quite cool as I was on the cover (lower left) at the start of the last day. Click for a larger picture, or see the blow up below: Tha’s me, on the left! Sam is in the red/white in the middle, and Ken is on the right side in all black.


I asked Louise to marry me on our unicycle ride last friday, 7/4/08. we are engaged! The night before I rode up and spray painted over a bunch of graffiti and the painted the words on it. For those who want to know, “Dead Camper” is the name of one of the trails we ride off of santa cruz. corbin

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