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Archive for March, 2007

Mountain Unicycling in Oakland/Berkley

Tom got some great mountain unicycling pics from a week ago: He got this great video of me riding this horse corral fence: Very cool, thanks tom!

Project Hutchinson: hardwood floors

Floors are coming! Installation is all done, and now they are going to let it sit and acclimate for two weeks before sanding and finishing. We went with the 3/4“ x 3” solid brazillian cherry hardwood. It already looks great and it isn’t even done!

Louise’s new car

A cool little Ford Focus. Louise is really happy with it.

Project Hutchinson: More progress comes along..

Well! Here’s more work. Louise painted the side of the fireplace red. I made some side wood panels to make it look nice: The edge is going to be covered up with a wood corner: At the same time, I made another piece to cover the top of the vent box I had made: it is really starting to look nice! I sanded the top beam a TON, stained it, and put three coats of interior varnish on it. It looks 100% better: In the background of the above picture you can see where i started sanding off the watermarks... [read more]

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