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WWDC: Beyond Buttons and Sliders: Complex Controls in Cocoa

Come to WWDC this year! I’ll be giving a great talk on advanced control and cell creation with Cocoa: 120 Beyond Buttons and Sliders: Complex Controls in Cocoa Learn how you can quickly and efficiently create sophisticated Cocoa user interface elements for your application. Get practical guidance on how to extend Cocoa control objects like the table view and outline view using your own custom cells, and how to customize menus in a variety of ways. Copied from: WWDC 2006 – Session Descriptions

100k on a Unicycle – Strawberry Fields Forever

100k on a Unicycle – Strawberry Fields Forever. Here are some pictures from Nathan: Nathan Hoover photo galleries – powered by smugmug. I’m in the last 4 photos wearing a red shirt. Daniel, Corbin and Beau (photo by nathan hoover).

Watch me age with Photo Booth

With Photo Booth, and my camera on my iMac, I take a picture of myself almost every day at work: It is kind of neat to document yourself. After I get a few years worth of pictures, it will be interesting to look back upon myself.

Elephant’s Dream

How cool! An open movie made with open source graphics software. Check it out: Elephents Dream Download page.

UCSB Unicycling

YouTube: some of my buddies down souther. Or visit:

New York

I went to New York last weekend to visit Louise. It was a lot of fun! Some of the things I did: * Saw a cool comedy show * Went to the gugenheim museum and saw stuff by David Smith: * Went to the arboretum and cool gardens (some of the coolest I’ve ever seen) * Saw the Empire State Building * Saw a show on Broadway: Mel Gibson’s ‘The Producers’ * Saw the “Bodies Exhibit” * Walked around Central Park * Went to some coffee shops (including Starbucks, unfortunately!) * Walked on ‘Wall Street’ * Saw Louise do some... [read more]

Bodies Exhibit

I saw the Bodies Exhibition last weekend while in New York. Real bodies, dissected and preserved really well. Crazy stuff!

Old muni pictures from Robert

Turn your head sideways ;)

Muddy Coker Muni ride from April 2nd

Hi all, Nathan put up some pictures on his website of a Coker ride we did in Santa Cruz a few weeks ago. Nathan Hoover photo galleries – powered by smugmug.

Cocoa: modal NSColorPanel dialog.

Hi all, I’ve seen some people request how to do a modal color panel. Well, carbon has GetColor(..) which ultimately uses the same NSColorPanel. So, you can set it to begin a modal session before you call GetColor(..). Here’s a code snippet: #import <Carbon/Carbon.h> – (IBAction)buttonClick:(id)sender {     NSColorPanel *colorPanel = [NSColorPanel sharedColorPanel];     NSModalSession session = [NSApp beginModalSessionForWindow:colorPanel];          RGBColor inColor = {128, 128, 128};     RGBColor outColor = {0, 0, 0};     Point point = {0, 0};     if (GetColor(point, “\p”, &inColor, &outColor)) {         NSColor *color... [read more]

Hi there…I’m poison oak!

I thought this was funny: we saw this while in big sur last weekend.

Moab Mountain Unicycle Festival

Some pictures of me at the Moab Mountain Unicycle Festival a few weeks ago. (Moab Muni Fest). From Jess: From spencer’s mom. Moab videos (not of me, but I was there): Tom’s Photos: Louise, only rider. Nathan: Group gathering, with me..others.. Louise.. Me…gray shirt.

Big Sur

I went to big sur last weekend, with my friend Chris Bensen and some of his friends. Check out the pictures. I really enjoy marco photography.

Mountain Unicycle pictures from Rockville Hills Park

Last Saturday, I went and did some really killer mountain unicycling with a great bunch of people. Tom took a lot of good pictures and put them up here: Check them out! I’m the guy in the red shirt, wearing a red tie. I broke my magura brake, and a spoke. Thanks Tom, for organizing the ride and taking pictures!

I want one of these..

I’ve always liked planes, and the next time I have a spare $1.3 mil hanging around, I’m going to get one! gizmag Article: Eclipse Aviation begins production of its landmark Very Light Jet (VLJ)

Tree Habitat (another treehouse!)

One of my friend’s, Dan, built a treehouse. He put some pictures up on a website: Be sure to check them out! I went over one day and gave him a helping hand one day; I wish I would have had more time to do stuff, but I was pretty busy.

[NSColorPanel isContinuous] and [NSColorWell isContinuous]

A quick comment about these two properties: [NSColorPanel isContinuous] and [NSColorWell isContinuous]. Generally, you want these two things to be in sync. Whenever the color changes in the NSColorPanel, the color in the NSColorWell will update. However, the action in the NSColorWell will sometimes not be sent, since it isn’t the thing controlling the mouse. If you set isContinuous to NO on an NSColorWell, but do not call [[NSColorPanel sharedColorPanel] setContinuous:NO], then the color panel is going to keep sending messages to the color well, but the action will never be sent! The bottom line: make the two properties match!

Xcode shortcuts to finding a file.

Cocoa Developers: While programming with Xcode, I’ve developed several habits to make me a faster programmer. I’ll share these tidbits with you. 1. Use Cmd-Shift-D to quickly open files that you know the names to. I’ll know that I want to open a particular file, such as NSTableView.m. So, I hit cmd-shift-d to bring up the “Open Quicky” dialog and type in nstableview (note that I don’t use the correct case, or extension, and it still works): This will work for framework header files too. 2. Use Cmd-Alt-UpArrow to switch from the header to the implementation file. I use this... [read more]

Happy Tree Friends

One of my favorite video podcasts is Happy Tree Friends. They are a rather sick and twisted cartoon, but entertaining. Subscribe for your self.

Burning Man 2006

Today I got my burning man 2006 ticket. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to go for sure. Probably, as it was a lot of fun last year.

How to build a treehouse

I like treehouses, if you haven’t guessed. I found this great step-by-step page on how to build a treehouse: Treehouse – on instructables. In general, Instructables: step-by-step collaboration, is a great website. Very cool. For those googling here, don’t forget to check out *my* treehouse.

Box # 5…

I finished box #5 a few days ago (for Stephanie). It turned out really nice! It is made of redwood with pine keys. This is the first thing I made with my new table saw (and using the old radial arm saw I have from my dad). View all the pictures.

new table saw!

I really needed to upgrade my table saw, and a few days ago I got my order in from a nice new grizzly 10“ table saw. I got this one:

Mailboxes muni ride — a few pictures

Tom took a few pictures from our mountain unicycle ride last weekend, Mailboxes, in santa cruz. check them out here.

Woodworking: Box #4

Well, I finished box 4 a few days ago. It is pretty nice! Some of the pictures are now on my pictures page: Corbin’s Pictures – Box #4. I used redwood; again it was from home depot, but I bought an S4S piece of wood that was pretty nice, although slightly bowed. It is a simple miter cut box, with a groove routed on the top piece to create a nice relief. The top was glued to the box, and I cut it off with the table saw. I think hinged it together after finishing the box. Back view: Open... [read more]

Cocoa: NSArrayController and two tableview’s

Hi Cocoa Developers, Tip of the day: Don’t bind two NSTableView’s to a single NSArrayController instance. Bugs will happen! More specifically, attempting to multi-select rows will not work properly — the two tableviews will fight for the selection. Eventually, this may be changed, but for now, in Tiger, it does not work, so don’t do it! EDIT: This will work, as long as the allowsMultipleSelection value is the same on both tableviews.

Cocoa: Targeting the entire tableview in a drop operation

Hi Programmers. If you are doing drag and drop in an NSTableView with Cocoa, you can use the following method in your “validateDrop” datasource method to retarget the row it is going to: – (void)setDropRow:(int)row dropOperation:(NSTableViewDropOperation)op; The documentation is missing something. If you specify a row of -1 and a dropOperation of NSTableViewDropOn, it will target the entire tableview, as opposed to an individual row.

Cocoa: drop down menu buttons

In Cocoa, it is pretty easy to use an NSButton that creates a drop down menu. One of the key-tricks to making it appear to be an NSPopUpButton is to set the [NSCell sendActionOn:]. Generally, menus are displayed on mouse down, not up. Normally, the action for a button is sent on mouse up. To get around this, you can simply access the cell of your button and tell it to send the action on mouse down: [[mybutton cell] sendActionOn:NSLeftMouseDownMask]; Cool!

Uniplex: Episode 2

Uniplex Episode 2 is out! Download the w4v file and play it with QuickTime 7 or subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. This episode has Trevor Blackwell and his self-balancing electric unicycle. Plus, some interviews with the bunch of coker-addicts who are going on a uni tour through Laos!

One year at Apple.

Today is my one year anniversary at Apple! Apple is a great company, and I have been having a great time working on the AppKit framework and I’m looking forward to all the cool new things in Leopard that I get to work on.

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