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Christmas 2006 was great! me and louise: Reis and Louise: louise: bunny: me getting a treehouse book from my sister:

Project Hutchinson: Painting!

Well, now that we have drywall, it is time to paint! Louise has been doing most of the work, since my “christmas vacation” actually involved working on stuff at apple. She has been doing a super-good job. Here is the picasa album: Hutchinson Painting and some snapshots: louise..painting the fireplace area red! our bedroom…i came home and it was blue!

Project Hutchinson: Drywall!

Well! We’ve had a lot of progress on the house. I broke down and decided to pay someone to do some of the work, and a few weeks ago we had drywall installed and textured. The house looks great! We wanted a subtle texture, and Earl (the contractor who we are working with, who, interestingly enough, helped my dad build his house in the early 80’s), recommended “New World” texture. This is a relatively new style, as seen below, in our bedroom: And close up: The drywall guys did the house FAST. They hung all the drywall in one day.... [read more]

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