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Project Hutchinson

Well! My latest project has been working on my new house. Well, it isn’t new, and that’s why I need to work on it! It is a major fixer-upper, in the Los Gatos mountains, located off Hutchinson Road. Hence, we have Project Hutchinson. I think it will be interesting to document the process, and what better place than a blog? This is partially for myself/family, but anyone else who is interested can “watch the progress”. Ahh; okay, the current “entrance” is really the back door. The entrance was chopped when the deck was cut off before I bought the house.... [read more]

Check out this trials sequence

This is a great unicycling sequence shot that someone took:

Xcode debugging tips

It might be nice to note a few Xcode debugging things that I tend to do. Frequently, I’ll want to break on a specific symbol, like -[NSException raise] Well, there are several ways to do this. One way is to drop to GDB and type “b -[NSException raise]”. Another way is to bring up your breakpoints window in Xcode and add a symbolic breakpoint: and type in the same thing, “-[NSException raise]”. But wait! You can be lazy. Just type “raise” and Xcode will then prompt you to select the right symbol: You can also do this for a generic... [read more]

More circus pictures…

And some more pictures of my girlfriend and ashley:

get your espresso on!

My gal’s bro in law made a sweet site to find some of the hottest espresso wherever your travels take you: Check it out, and great job Eric!

More circus pictures of Louise and Ashley

More pictures of my girlfriend (the one with red hair):

Louise and circus stuff…(start of post..more in a bit)

Louise is my girlfriend, with the red hair on the left. She was in Georgia doing a performance/teaching with Ashley.

Aptos High School Class of 1996 Reunion

My 10 year high school reunion is in a month or so — Aptos High, Class of ’96! Unfortunately, it has two fatal flaws: 1. It is happening on Sept 2nd, Labor day weekend. I’ll be at burning man. 2. It costs $90! Marisa Larson (chair-gal), that is just too expensive! I know a lot of people aren’t going simply because of the cost. –corbin

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