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barcelona is great! i’m hoping to get some of the pictures off of my camera sometime soon…but for now, i may have to just post them when i get back home. tonight, i’ll be taking a train to southern spain. it will hopefully be a bit warmer…it is a little colder than i expected!

I must be obsessed with my camera

Here is one more picture. Okay, maybe two. “Wine Bottle Study” Shutter: 1/1. Aperture: f 13.0. Focal Length: 100mm. ISO: 1600. Flash: off. Aperture Priority. Shutter: 1/60. Aperture: f 4.0. Focal Length: 100mm. ISO: 1600. Flash: on. Normal program.

Going to spain!

Tomorrow, I’ll be going to Spain for about 9 days. I’ll try to post to my blog when I can.

Macro lens

I got a macro lens. It is great, and I love it! Here is my favorite picture so far: Can you guess why?

Santa Cruz – gotta love it.

The weather has been great lately. I miss living in Santa Cruz! Luckily, Los Gatos is like a 20 minute drive away.


I like flowers. They represent something very beautiful, and serenity.

Pancake Playhouse fundraiser

Hi All. Please support my Pancake buddies. I can’t make it, as I’ll be in Spain at that time. Pancake Playhouse Presents A Sunday Evening DINNER SPEAKEASY Pancake Playhouse, You, and some gourmet grub. Come this Sunday to support your favorite theme camp with this year’s first fund raiser. Enjoy all the wine you can drink, a fabulous three+ course meal and tasty desserts while we entertain.  Everyone is welcome and twenties attire is encouraged. Sunday November 27, 2005 at Seven O’Clock Go quickly to to get your tickets online. Space is limited and tickets are going fast.

A few pictures

A few pictures from last weekend are here. I need to fix my gallery so the others show up…stupid ImageMagic is failing to resize them!

West Cliff Rail Riding

Jason took some pics with my new camera. This is just a screen shot from iPhoto (real pictures later):

I made a Pi!

…For today’s software engineering potluck, I made a Pi: Can you tell what is wrong with it? It should be easy, if you are a programmer…or math-y person.

what makes a picture?

Self portrait. Holding still for 10 seconds. What is there to like? A reflection in the guitar, off center main subject, cut off pieces, non matching vertical lines, and lots more. What is there to dislike? All of the previous mentioned things. Vertical guitar neck, with flash halo. Nice extra e sticking out. Don’t like it? Well, there is always photoshop. the psychopathy of everyday life. someday is not here! -corbin


A few weeks ago I went to Axolotl. It is very cool, and you should check it out sometime. Imagine getting blind folded and interacting with 30 or so other blind folded people and 10-14 non-blindfolded performers. It is an amazing experience.

Support my unicycle buddies

A bunch of my friends are going to be doing a unicycle tour through Laos, one of the poorest nations in South East Asia. Check out the website and the riders. And, if you want to learn how to unicycle, we are going to be giving free lessons and demonstrations on Sunday, Dec 11th, 10am – noon at the Los Gatos High School Track (map). Come check it out! I’ll be giving unicycle trials demonstrations and lessons.


Well. I’m getting sucked into photography. I have always had an interest in it, and I finally decided to take the plunge. I bought the extremely popular Canon Digital Rebel XT, and I’m ordering a 100mm Macro lens to go with it. Maybe some day you’ll see some nice pictures up here. :)

Removing sort descriptors on a sorted NSTableView / NSOutlineView

I’ve discovered that some people may want to programatically remove the sort descriptors for their tableview: This is easy to do with a little code: - (IBAction)removeSorting:(id)sender { [tableView setSortDescriptors:[NSArray array]]; } However, you may want your users to be able to do it. It is fairly simple to add a button in the corner view of your table that does this: In your awakeFromNib method you can easily add a bit of code that adds this button and invokes the above “removeSorting:” method: NSRect buttonFrame = [[tableView cornerView] frame]; NSButton *button = [[NSButton alloc] initWithFrame:buttonFrame]; [button setBezelStyle:NSSmallSquareBezelStyle]; [button setTitle:@“X”];... [read more]

professional santa barbara mountain unicycle pictures

Nathan Welton got a lot of great shots of everyone at the California Mountain Unicycle Weekend. He is an excellent professional photographer. I’m in a bunch of the pictures, starting with Img_3057. My favorites are img_3384 and above — that was a great rapid fire sequence of me doing a (bad) side gap.

More unicycling pictures (39 mile coker ride around san francisco)

John Foss put up his gallery of the 39 mile coker ride around san fran. All of them are located here. My favorite is this one of me coker-wheel walking, with the city in the background, and me looking like i’m going to fall off: Although, this one is great too: Be sure to read the caption that John added! I combined climbing and unicycling that day :) Finally, here is another good one: The city looks really cool in the background. John got a lot of great shots of everyone else too, so be sure to... [read more]

Halloween pictures

ellie took a few halloween pictures at jason’s party. that’s me with the red and white striped shirt. I’m missing my ice cream man counter at that moment. Here i am serving ice cream to sara. cool, huh!

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