Photos: Lotus Bowl #3, Cherry with Purple Ghost Epoxy


I wanted a slightly larger size than Lotus Bowl #1, and I realized I could turn it slightly to get a larger piece out of the same limited Y axis that I have on my CNC machine. This one is about 15% bigger (I think…I already forget how big I sized it up). I glued up 4 pieces of cherry to make the base. I’d like to do it out of one solid piece, or at a minimum two pieces, but I don’t have a lot of wide cherry stock in my wood pile right now. The glue line actually makes a nice star shape in the middle of the bowl.

I poured purple ghost epoxy; this is basically white tinted epoxy that has some purple bits that are heavier and show up in the swirls.

This bowl turned out just about perfect. It is polished up really well with Osmo Top Oil.

If you want to see how it is made, jump over to my YouTube video: Making the Lotus Bowl with a CNC router

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