Custom Concrete Countertops – DIY Kitchen Cabinets Ep 10

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This is pretty much the last episode in my DIY Kitchen Cabinet series. I make a cool custom concrete countertop. I tried to toss as many c’s in that sentence for alliteration purposes. I learned a lot about concrete countertops through two of Cheng’s books. He is one of the pioneers in the field, and shares a lot of great tips. I highly recommend you purchasing them to learn more details that I leave out. 

I made these countertops twice. The first one was a brown countertop that had some cracking issues. That wasn’t a big deal; the slurry hid the cracks. However, we didn’t like the color. It just didn’t fit in, and I decided to do it again. I used the “Jet Black” secrete color, which is what we did for our other countertops, and this looked awesome. 

I make some mistakes in the video and highlight them. I also did a stupid setup when cutting the sheets of malemine on some sawhorses, and took a spill. I was really glad to not loose any fingers, and I learned a valuable lesson about setting up your cuts. I rarely make circular saw cuts on sawhorses, and prefer to do them down on the ground. I might go back to that style just to be more on the safe side.

Check out the previous episode here: How to Finish Kitchen Cabinets.

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