Bathroom Vanity: Taking Shape

Project Hutchinson, Woodworking

My bathroom vanity is starting to finally look like something. 

Here it is dry fitted before glue up:

IMG 4546

The process will be to put one side on

IMG 4552

The back, and then the other side:

IMG 4548

Then lastly the front can be slid on. It went together pretty well!


IMG 4555

Front door glue up didn’t go quite as well; I had some alignment issues. I forgot that the last time I made glued together doors I had made a right angle jig to clamp them too. This had allowed me to get everything aligned and clamped straight. The main problem I had here was I had flipped one board, so I had to pound it off and put it back on right — all while the glue was starting to set. 

IMG 4557


The drawer fronts are a solid piece of maple with a groove cut in with the router table:

IMG 4558

Next step is to make the drawers. I milled the wood to ?” and then used my jig to cut some half blind dovetails:

IMG 4569

Next I’ll run a ½” bottom groove for the drawer bottom. Then some sanding and glue up. Getting close to being done!



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