How to make a custom bee hive stand

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I’ve been keeping bees for about a month now. I absolutely love the little girls! My friend, Stefan from A Jar Of Honey in San Jose, gave me a hive to get started. I needed my own bee stand, and here is what I came up with.

Cut two 2x6s (2x4s would also be sufficient) long enough to hold two bee hives.

Cut two more long enough for the width of the hive.

Nail them together; the legs will later add strength:

IMG 3856



The legs I made with 1.5″ metal pipe and angle iron. 1″ pipe would be sufficient, but I had the 1.5″ laying around and used it. The pipe is MIG welded to the bottom of the angle iron (about 1″ up). The angle iron strengthens the corners of the stand. A few holes in it allow it to easily be screwed on:

IMG 3858

Top view:

IMG 3860


With the hive on top:

IMG 3871

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