Cyr Wheel Tutorials: Rock start to waltz

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Cyr Wheel / Roue Cyr Tutorials: Rock start or side to side start, to waltz

Here is another intermediate to advanced trick that took me a while to get. Really it was all about doing one particular motion that allowed me to finally get this trick.

How to do this trick: First, be very confident with the normal “rock”. A rock is a left to right through where you don’t do any spinning; just rocking. The rock is a motion where you are transferring weight from one foot to another. Most the action is done with your feet, and very little is done with your hands.

When you rock the wheel to the right, the follow conditions are true:

  • Most of your weight is on your right foot
  • Your right foot is the contact point with the ground
  • Your right leg is fairly straight
  • Your left leg is high up on the wheel, with little weight on it
  • Your left knee is bent
  • Your left hand is holding on to the wheel
  • Your right hand is free

This really isn’t a tutorial on the rock itself, and eventually I’ll make a video detailing just the rock.

The key part to the rock start to a waltz is to use your hands to through the wheel in the desired waltz direction, as I show in the video.


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Allen Segall

The thing I was missing was the alternating of the hand throwing the wheel in front and then behind. This tutorial was great thank you.

[…] Rock start to waltz – by Corbin Dunn […]

[…] Rock start to waltz – by Corbin Dunn […]

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