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Cyr Wheel Tutorials – “The List”

Here is the start of a list of some Cyr Wheel Tutorial videos; many are by other people (ton’s by Mitch!), so I don’t take credit for the videos. As a reminder, here is info on where to buy a cyr wheel.

 Also, my list my become out of date. Be sure to check out Mitch’s Cyr Wheel Tutorials Playlist on YouTube.

 Beginner Moves and Starts 

 Basic Waltz – by Mitch / freedomcaller 

waltz pic.png


Developing your waltz and early coin exercises – by Kris Madden



Getting Started with the Skate Start – by Sam Tribble

Sam skate start2


Wheel to Toe Start – by Sam Tribble

Wheel to toe 


Roll by Start – by Sam Tribble



 Intermediate Moves and Tricks


Flower Pickers / Picking Daisies – by Mitch 

Mitch flowers


Corners (like a Boss) – by Mitch

Corners mitch


Rock start to waltz – by Corbin Dunn



Half Turn / Switches – by Sam Tribble

Half turn2


Trail Side Flagging – by Sam Tribble

 Flag trail sam


Lead Side Flagging – by Sam Tribble 

Flag lead sam 


Advanced Moves and Tricks


Superman Cyr Wheel Tutorial – by Corbin Dunn



Superman Tutorial – by Sam Tribble

Superman sam


Front Handspring – by Mitch




Feel free to email me (corbin at corbinstreehouse dot com)  with anything more I should add to this list!

One Response to “Cyr Wheel Tutorials – “The List””

  1. Kris Madden says:

    thanks for including my video in the list. i think you should also add valarie’s video. as the golden rule.

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