Cyr Wheel Tutorial: Superman

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Here is a video tutorial on how to do the Superman move in a cyr wheel (roue cyr).

This trick took me a long time to learn, and I’m still not perfect at it. Eventually I’d like to learn to “waltz” while in the superman.

In the tutorial, I spin to the left — which is leading with my left hand, or counter-clockwise when viewed from above. I find it much easier to refer to specific hands and legs; if you spin to the right, reverse what I say. A normal waltz is from left foot down to right foot down, and I’ll use this terminology below.

How to do this trick:

First, start with a normal waltz. Remove the right leg (the trailing leg) and swing it in front of the wheel to gain momentum. Notice the position of the leg: my right leg is kicked out behind the wheel when I normally would be “down” on the right foot (trailing foot). I then transfer weight to my left leg and bring the right leg through the wheel. At this point, your body and wheel is leaning slightly backwards, and the right leg is in front of the wheel while you are down on your left foot. I pull the right leg back as I rotate back to where the right foot would normally be down — as you go through the point where the wheel is amongst the center (for a center spin), you release with your left leg and attempt to keep the wheel in a center spin. The legs should be clamped together tightly and the back arched (mainly for style). Keep a center spin by no longer rocking the wheel left and right in a waltz.

In the video I released a little too late — I was already rotated to where my right foot would almost be down, and this causes my superman to be slightly lopsided at the start. So, I apply more weight to my left hand to help the center spin,


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