Burning Man 2011

Circus/Cyr Wheel, General

I hadn’t been to Burning Man in 5 years or so and really wanted to go back. Previously, I would camp with Pancake Playhouse (which was a total blast), but this year I thought I would start a “unicycle camp”. It turns out there wasn’t enough interest in it, and a bunch of my friends had a “Circus Boot Camp” they were thinking of doing again. So, I joined forces with them and we had an awesome time teaching people various circus skills on the playa.

I initially thought I would take a ton of pictures, but in the end I didn’t feel like dragging my DSLR around (and potentially getting my lenses really dirty). I don’t mind killing my camera (it is old), but some of my lenses are a little too important to me. In hindsight, I should have brought my crappy lens and just used it. Next year that will be my plan.

A few of my friends took some pictures…so I’ll go ahead and “borrow” them for my website here. Here’s a few from Kim, a unicyclist/yoga/teacher girl from Idaho.

Here I am teaching the basic foot lock on the silk (since that is one of the few things I can do):


Riding around on my KH 36 unicycle towards a cool steel artwork statue. It was made of a lot of small hexagon 1/4″ pieces of steel welded to large ball bearings. It’s hard to tell, but it is a naked woman arching up out of the playa (no arms or head). My typical outfit consisted of biker shorts, cool socks, and some accessory. In the picture below it was a bicycle gear attached with old inner tubes (originally from Ashley from years ago).


Hopping over Justin at the unicycle course. It had three little teeter totters and was a blast to ride on the 36. I gave it a go on the 20, but it was too slow:


Teaching people to unicycle. In the left side of the picture is the eccentric wheel that Ken built. For some reason, people loved grabbing that unicycle and trying to learn to ride on it. I kept having to go over and take it away from them and telling them it wasn’t easy to ride.


Me and Kevin on the cyr:


Here’s a picture Kevin took of me with my cool top hat outfit:


There were so many fun things at burning man this year. I learned some new aerial skills, tried out acro yoga for the first time, met a lot of cool people, saw a ton of cool artwork, lots of awesome art cars, and just had a grand old time. I’m already hoping to go again next year.

Thanks for the pictures everyone!

Update: I did take one or two pictures. My truck was loaded to the gills exploded. And they did; I had a blowout of the right rear tire about 15 miles from Gerlach. I changed the tire to the spare and hoped it wouldn’t happen again (luckily, Joe and I made it home with no problems)


Josh building the dome:


Ray smiling:


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