Plug Bug: Batteries

Electric Bug

How about just some pictures?







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I’ve got a 69 Bug also, thought about electric but haven’t gotten there yet. As an aside, I need a new engine, interested in selling yours. Peter. …..also a Mac user.

Marcus Reddish

I am converting a 69 bug as well and just pulled the motor out. It was a pretty fresh rebuild from a reputable shop in CA. Started and ran great. Primo exhaust, heat system, and oil cooler included. Flywheel used in conversion. If you are interested, we are in MT.


I saw you ordered your Thundersky batteries through Alliance Renewable Energy as importer. I was wondering how long it took to get them, from ordering them to recieving them?? I ordered from Alliance and have not heard back from them nor am I able to make contact with them!


Hey Mark — Yes, I got them from Alliance, but indirectly through Evolve Electrics. It was a pain as Richard at Alliance doesn’t always answer his phone, and barely ever responded to emails. The price was definitely the cheapest I could find at the time. If I were to order again, I would possibly consider http://www.currentevtech — David Kois has a good reputation, and quickly responds to emails and questions, and he is the direct importer of the batteries. Don’t get me wrong; Justin Dunn at Evolve has been great, and the battery issues were not his fault.

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