Missing Siamese Cat


Please help!

My cat Piper is missing. She is a siamese, with white snowshoe paws. She is a polydactyl (extra toes) and is fixed. She comes to the name Piper (when she feels like it).

She was last seen the morning of Saturday, August 28th at our house in the Santa Cruz mountains off of Hutchinson Rd. Louise let her out for the day and she never came home. She may have gotten taken by someone, or may have wondered too far from home and gotten lost. There is also the possibility that she was injured by another animal, or car.

If you see her, or have seen her, please call or email me! corbin at corbin’s treehouse <dot> com. I miss my cat dearly.

IMG_0794.jpg IMG_2317.jpg IMG_6442.jpg IMG_6444.jpg

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She looks beautiful! Hope you find her :(

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