Tandem Unicycle Video – first time!


Here is a short video of me (in the back) riding the tandem unicycle with Jason. This was our third try.

With practice, I’m sure we’ll be able to ride it.

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[…] Tandem Unicycle Video […]


i like the concept !! but still somethings so improve !!

[…] reason to cycle and conserve youth and energy. Here is a cool bike which mountaineer and hobbyist Corbin Dunn has designed. If you take a look at the video where his friend Jason and he ride the bike, it would […]

[…] In any case, do take a look at Mr. Dunn’s tandem unicycle in detail or witness the dueling dangers in action via this motion picture demonstration. […]

Stan Dunn

Wow, it works looks like a lot of practice – it would seem would help if riders were of more or less equal weight?

great idea – what was the comment about seats “facing the right way”?

Unicycle Kid

This is amazing. I’ve seen a lot of unicycles, but never anything like this. I have to watch the video again. Crazy!

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