tandem unicycle

Tandem Unicycle Practice

I brought the tandem unicycle with me to Yosemite this past weekend weekend. I was hoping Louise and I would get a chance to ride it, but she was sick all weekend and it started... [read more]

Tandem Unicycle Video – first time!

Here is a short video of me (in the back) riding the tandem unicycle with Jason. This was our third try. With practice, I’m sure we’ll be able to ride it.

Building a Tandem Unicycle

My last post introducing my Tandem Unicycle originally started out with a step-by-step process of how I built it, but for some reason I lost the post. Here is how I made my tandem uni:... [read more]
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Tandem Unicycle

The Tandem Unicycle Project EDIT: Here are the tandem unicycle construction details for the makers out there. EDIT: A short video of me and Jason trying to ride it: riding the tandem uni. EDIT: For... [read more]

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