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I need a shoe rack that looks nice. I decided to design something pretty in Sketchup. Here is what I came up with while on vacation:


The vertical side pieces have a slight curve to them, and the bottom pieces have a slight arch. I’m planning on using cherry for the outside, and staining the outer pieces slightly darker than the inside sheet pieces (which will be 1/2″ cherry ply). The shelves will be 3/4″ maple. The overall size will be 52″ tall by 28″ wide by 16″ deep.

Free plans: Download the Shoe Rack SketchUp File.

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Photography: Mt Cardrona Station, NZ
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hallo corbin, this happens when I’m working on a shoe rack. I had to base the initiative placed on the shoes sloped 25 degrees. whether your design also uses the slope at the bottom?



Hey b.joe,
Yeah, that’s a good idea! I’m leaning towards keeping mine non-sloped in case I want to repurpose it for something else (like a normal shelf).

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