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Building the Chesapeake 16LT Kayak: Part 6 – The bottom side glassing!

The next big step is to glass the hull bottom. I sanded down the putty with 80 grit, and then went through all the grades all over the kayak: 100/120/150/220.

IMG 7815


You then cover it with the fiberglass and smooth it out by hand. The directions said you could smooth it out over the bow (the front — away from you in the picture below) of the boat without cutting it; I was a bit skeptical about this, but sure enough…you can pretty easily get it to smooth over the front of it.


IMG 7847


The next part was smoothing over the fiberglass with un-thickened epoxy (no additives). You use a plastic scraper to embed it, and a small disposable brush to get some of the more vertical parts.

IMG 7849



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