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Downstairs Bathroom Remodel, shower pan, etc

This is mainly for myself to remember what I did. I built this half wall, but it seemed flimsy. I didn’t want it to move *at all* as it might cause tile to crack: I ended up adding in lots of other support members, and that stiffened it up. Ideally just some 45 braces from the top edge down might have helped more than anything else. Doing the drywall by myself was challenging on the roof. I devised this T bracket to hold up one half of a sheet while I screwed the other half on (holding it up with... [read more]

WildFire v3 Arduino compatible Wifi enabled board

Wicked Device is making a cool little Arduino clone called the WildFire. Why is it cool? Because it includes the CC3000 Wifi chip built in, an SD card slot, and the ATmega1284p processor – which has tons more memory than the Arduino UNO! It is also a great price at $50. Consider the alternative of buying an UNO ($25 – Adafruit) and a CC3000 breakout board ($35) and you are now already at $60 before adding on an SD card. The board is also well thought out; you can easily breadboard it with the female headers, and then solder it... [read more]

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