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Angular Velocity in cyr wheel

This is a plot of the angular velocity vector when spinning in my cyr wheel. I took the gyro x/y/z value and created a vector (squared each value, added them, and took the square root). The downward start was from back spin “wind up” hat I did. I then increased velocity to a high speed, and you can clearly see when I give it an extra “umph” each revolution around. It was probably about 7 revs I did in the wheel. Values are (apparently) degrees per second. So, I spin about 1.5 times every second.

Accelerometer woes

I have a accelerometer/gyro/compass combo in my wheel LSM303DHLHC, data sheet: found via Pololu’s link: It has been tough to figure out consistent data. First of all, I realized the compass has to be calibrated. There is a sample app included with the LSM303 Adruino code called “Calibrate”. It just reads the compass/magnet data a keeps a running max and min value of what it sees. First off, I kept getting strange values out of it; specifically -4096. I later learned from the Polo website that this is an overflow condition in the chip and it is documented... [read more]

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