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I’m investigating adhesives, and ways I can bond the plastic PVC tubing on cyr wheels back together. I want to cut the plastic tubing, and embed LEDs under it for some cool effects. For my first LED cyr wheel, I used high temp hot glue gun glue; that worked “okay”, but it is fairly easy to pull apart. I also need a better way of protecting the LEDs, as some are dying.

First I’m going to try RH Products “HH-66 vinyl cement“, which is easy to find from numerous resellers (including ebay). The website for it says it will bond vinyl to vinyl and it might just be what I’m looking for!


Some other investigations into plastic/vinyl cements led me to:

IPS SCIGRIP “Weld-On” 4784 Vinyl Cement


This cement seems good and may work. The 4784 has a high open time for putting stuff together, but I think the SCIGRIP 66 may be stronger and tack quicker (which might be nice as you don’t have to clamp for as long):


Website link:

The SciGRIP 66 is hard to find…I haven’t found a retailer for it. I can find the IPS 4784 on amazon:

I think it is hard to find because the name is confusing; It has “Weld-On” in the name, but that is IPS’s specific sub-brand, and their website for Weld-On doesn’t list the product (it is under SciGrip), but I can’t find it with the SCIGRIP brand name. DOh!

Normal PVC cement doesn’t work at all on flexible plastic/PVC tubing.


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